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is fast becoming the most important resource for generating traffic to your site, consumers and revenue for your business. With share of searches made through mobile devices expected to outnumber those from desktops or PCs, the foremost need of every business is a mobile responsive web design.

Mobile marketing professionals at YNG Digital have studied all the latest trends in the mobile industry which helps us o strategize a distinctive approach for every business. We have designed mobile compatible websites for brands like Bata and Lotto, enabling them to reach out to the massive untapped mobile market traffic in Indian as well as across the globe. Consult us as your mobile website design agency and get ready to experience an enhanced ROI from digital platforms.

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Mobile Website Development

Screen size preferences are rapidly changing and just in a couple of years we have seen tablets and smart phones outnumbering the traditional desktop / laptop screens as a preferred screen to view web content. But as the traditional screens are as much alive, we are in the so called 3 Screen world and need our websites to be compatible with all three of them. The sheer cost of creating and maintaining multiple sites for different screens has led to responsive website designs which is easier to create, maintain and with lower costs.

At YNG Media, we design your website keeping a close eye on the current and future trends to ensure your investment in the website bears fruits for a long time to come with minimal additional investment with shifts in technology or trends.

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Mobile Website Development

Application Development

Every business which either appeals to masses or a specific niche audience requires a closed knit community of loyal customers who form the basic pillar of the sales or revenue. With a mobile App, for Android as well as iOS, you can be in direct touch with your customers & influencers and reach them with the latest of your offerings. We are among the leading mobile App development firms and offer creative designs, unique utilities and features and run them through intensive testing once deployed.

We are equipped to create Apps in Java,C, C++, C# & HTML5 and support operating systems including Android, iOS & Blackberry.

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Application Development

Mobile Targeted Marketing

Advertising & Marketing is now local & mobile. Your customers are always looking for products and services in their vicinity, thanks to their mobile devices. Even if location was not a constraint, you can be quite certain that a huge chunk of your target audience is trying to find you through mobile devices. With our integrated & comprehensive Mobile Marketing service, you can reach your audience on their mobile devices and we can make you visible to your customers when they are looking for you.

We offer geo targeting, local marketing, SMS marketing, integration of QR codes in your offline initiatives and on-the-go marketing solutions.

Mobile Targeted Marketing

Mobile Online Marketing

Advertising has gone mobile. As the market for smartphones & tablets has exploded, you now have the opportunity to advertise and market your business to your audience right on their mobile devices. We have comprehensive and customized solutions for businesses to target just the right customers via Ads through Google’s Adwords program for mobile devices.

Our team of creative designers & advertisers have expertise in creating designs made specifically for mobile devices and we cover text, display as well as video ads in our all encompassing mobile online marketing solutions.

Mobile Online Marketing
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  • To engage your opt-in customers
    YNG Media offers impressive mobile marketing services to engage your opt-in customers. We offer them innovative content and attractive images.
  • To get mobile-friendly website
    By thorough website analysis and improvements, we make your website mobile friendly. It includes everything from length of content to the size of images and technology.
  • To get maximum benefits from mobile marketing activities
    With effective mobile marketing campaigns we ensure that your customers get messages within seconds. Our marketing services focus on interactivity, integration, effectiveness and strategic distribution.
  • To impress users with custom build mobile app
    In today’s time, almost every business has mobile apps, but only a few of them are successful. We offer custom build mobile apps to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and profits.
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