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It is difficult to imagine a day going by without us using our phone. We’ve become perpetually attached to our phones, with numerous interesting and addictive applications engaging our time. Mobile applications have come a long way since they were first made popular with the introduction of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 and the launch of the Android platform in 2008. The App market has grown exponentially with the rise in sales of smartphones, and many Mobile Application Development Companies have tapped into this huge market.

Here at YNG Media, we help businesses in developing mobile apps that will help them reach their customers and serve them better. YNG Media is one of the major Mobile Application Services company in Delhi, India, developing apps for Android, iOS and Blackberry platforms.

The success of the iPhone, pushed many mobile manufacturers design phones that had apps that would engage and entertain the user. Before the launch of the iPhone, mobile apps were mostly Java based apps, which soon changed after the launch of the iPhone. When Google introduced the open-source, Android OS, it enabled mobile phone companies to develop affordable smartphones for the masses. Our Mobile Application Development Company will help you develop and design apps that will cater to a target audience or to the public in general.

The first apps created were informational and mainly catered towards businesses. That soon changed as many Mobile Application Development Companies created apps that would be used by not only businessmen, but also by housewives, students and children. We create fun, interesting and usable apps, with useful features and an appealing design. We provide Mobile Application Services and have expertise in developing apps in numerous domains such as, educations apps, book apps, music and multimedia apps, e-commerce apps, travel apps and many more other domains.

Although there are millions of people using smartphones, many businesses are unsure about the need for a mobile app. Bring us your idea and your business model.  Our team of experienced mobile application designers creatively design and develop your business’s app to cater to your needs, after which the app goes through a rigorous testing process, and is finally deployed into the market. We also provide after sales support, and help you tweak the app, and release updates. To get a wider reach, it is important to develop apps for multiple platforms. YNG Media’s Mobile Application Services team have designed apps for iOS, Blackberry and Android platforms, and are capable of designing apps using HTML5, C, C++, and Java.

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