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Expanding the horizons to your business, mobile marketing plays a major role in increasing potential customers and multiplying your annual revenues. Mobile Website Development is of prime importance and has become an inseparable part of any business today. Shoetree, Bata, Fernsnpetals and Lotto are few brands that are satisfied with the mobile websites developed by YNG Media. Our services are sure to increase the mobile traffic thereby bringing you unlimited marketing coverage within India and also across the globe.

Strategising and devising unique approach for each requirement helps add value to your brand. With innumerable devices available in the market, it is important to consider screen-size while designing a mobile app. Applications are useful only if they are designed and developed to suit the resolution of mobile phones, tablets and personal computers. While we build up the application keeping the current tools in mind, we also have a foresight on the future possible trends. This helps our clients reap benefits even in the future without much effort in adapting to the changing trends.

Apart from the screen sizes, the operating system is also an area of concern. A good mobile application should be able to work alike in all devices irrespective of the operating system installed in it. Whether it is an Android, BlackBerry or an iOS device, our clients can be sure of being in direct touch with their customers via our unique mobile apps. Increasing readability attracts more customers. It is important to keep monotonous themes and layouts at bay and employ an attractive layout that eventually drives customers to your app more often. We, at YNG Media, understand exactly how important it is for you to reach your customers and more importantly understand the role of a good mobile app in connecting you with your customers.

Any customer would look for a pleasant layout and easy to use mobile application. The number of mobile apps may be plenty for the same business. Traffic increases for a mobile app only if it pleases a customer. A mobile application that increases your visibility among your customers and draws new customers’ attention does complete justice in providing the best services to your business. Our professional team updates your new products and services on the mobile app frequently. This way, there is no chance that you might lose your customers.

Alongside development of mobile websites, we also offer a wide range of services that include SMS marketing, QR codes, local marketing, integration and geo targeting. Call us today to get a unique Mobile Website Design that perfectly suits your requirement and to know more on our services.

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