Creatively using SMO in India


In today’s times Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a featured component in the world of online marketing and businesses are using it to the hilt. Be it for the need to promote their business or make the consumer aware about company’s products and services, SMO is the word marketers are swearing by. At YNG Media, we conduct the SMO of your brand in a way that it attracts millions of online users in one go. The sole objective of SMO is to get the target users and convert them into prospective leads and eventually loyal users. We tell you why successful advertising campaign for business, products or services requires an effective channel of SMO services Delhi.

Awareness and visibility

You can now outshine with an effective SMO strategy in India. To improve your company’s brand awareness, and drive good traffic and conversions rates to your website, there is an urgent need to increase the visibility of your site on social networking sites. We need to be aggressively present on Google+, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter to get your product interacting with your target audiences.


SMO makes your content shareable across the social websites and communities and creates viral publicity like never before. We provide the best SMO services Delhi offers and focus on getting your brand the reputation it deserves across all social platforms. It’s done with banners, ads, across all portals.

Synchronizing ranking with Social Media Optimization

Keeping in mind that brand image is the most important for any company, SMO helps in placing the product in mind of the customer in much smarter way. We synchronize ranking with brand promotion through social networking channels to create an impression to boost the buying ratio or conversion rates.

Traffic generation

SMO drives traffic to your website by rewarding your website with inbound links and your Link-ability. This is what we help you achieve. Making the best use digital media we make sure we update your company’s relevant information across all quarters to get you maximum visitors.

What is our role in SMO?

We trigger your company’s social media reach by huge numbers. We do it by enhancing connections, followers, fans and getting in touch with various relevant business groups through effective marketing campaigns.

We update your posts everyday to keep in touch with online users and customers.

We create effective blogs, forum marketing aspects, write press releases and on and off page submissions to ensure there’s no way your audience can’t reach you.

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