SEO Tutorials – Tips for Beginners


The internet is currently one of the best forms of marketing, and is fast becoming one of the most important forms of marketing. Traditional marketing is losing its sheen, and every company, small or big, is jumping on the digital bandwagon. And why not? The internet has bridged the gap between the producer and the consumer, and brought the two closer than before, and the internet also has another important advantage – it’s cheaper.

YNG Media, a digital marketing agency, which has its base in New Delhi, provides a whole range of digital marketing services, ranging from SEO, to Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and many other forms of digital marketing. There is a growing need for many skilled digital marketing experts in the current digital marketing industry, and to bridge this gap, YNG Media has now started SEO Tutorials to educate the masses on SEO, and how it can be beneficial for a business.

SEO is a form of digital marketing to promote and rank your webpage higher on the search engine results page (SERP) on search engines like Google and Bing. The results that appear on the SERP are organic or free search results, which means that a company does not have to pay any money to get their webpage on the SERP. YNG Media provides comprehensive SEO Tutorials on all activities related to SEO.

What’s more, you can learn all about SEO from the comfort of your home or office as these are video tutorials. These SEO Video Tutorials are designed in such a way that non-technical students can also gain an understanding about SEO and its workings, and there several important tips for beginners. This tutorial starts right from the basics of what is SEO, why it is beneficial to a company, to advanced topics like link building and analysis of analytics data. You can view these SEO Video Tutorials at your own pace, and gradually move to the advanced topics once you gain a solid understanding of the basics.

In the SEO Tutorials, we teach our students what not to do while performing SEO, tips on creating content, link building strategies, the history of search and SEO, using SEO in social media, and several other topics. We also provide our students constant SEO Updates to keep them abreast with the latest techniques in SEO, and updates issued by search engines. Our SEO Video Tutorials have been carefully mapped out by our SEO experts to give you the best understanding of this most important digital marketing strategy.

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