SEO Tools : Is Your Website SEO Friendly?


SEO is a great way for companies to market their product or service at almost no cost. As thousands of new websites are created every day, there is a need for companies to optimize their website according to the guidelines of search engines to rank their webpage higher in the search engine results page. To rank a website higher, there are certain SEO Tools that can be used to ensure that your website is SEO friendly. The team at YNG Media uses various key tools to make certain that your company’s webpages have been optimized properly.

You may have a website with enormous content, which has been designed brilliantly, but all the effort is lost if your website is not optimized perfectly. We use several key SEO Tools like the Google Adwords planner tool, Google Analytics, Bing Webmasters tools, Google Trends, and SEMrush. Our team of SEO experts use these and many more Optimization Tools to get the best organic search results for your website.

At YNG Media, we have a step-by-step process to optimize your website. We start off at Keyword Research, where we use Optimization Tools like Google Adwords planner tool, Google Trends, SEO Book, and to generate the most useful keywords for your content. To keep a check on the health of your website, we use the Google Webmasters tool and the Bing Webmasters  tool. These two SEO Tools will update you, if your site is hacked or if there is some suspicious activity on your site.

To keep a track on the performance of your website, our SEO specialists use SEO Analysis Tools like the ever popular Traffic Travis tool, SiteTrail. These tools gives the user 13 unique analyses, which includes SEO Analysis, Traffic Analysis and Server Analysis, and we also use Hubspot’s Marketing Grader tool, which also gives the user information about the online marketing strategy used by the company.

We keep a track of our optimization methods, by continually checking the ranking of your website in the search engine results page by using Ranking Tools. Without your page ranking high on the search engine results page, none of your prospective customers are going to find your page. We use Ranking Tools like Rank Checker, Raven, and Google Position to keep a track of your website’s rank.

The rules and guidelines set by search engines to determine the rankings of websites are constantly changing to discourage agencies that indulge in black-hat practices. YNG Media’s SEO experts keep up-to-date with the latest guidelines employed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to optimize your website better.

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