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When it’s about reaching out to your audience, you can’t ignore the role of outdoor media advertising plays. Suitable for all types of businesses, you can gain exposure, generate sales, and raise your profiles in the marketplace with effective outdoor ads. Even with online media advertising taking the world by storm, you need something that people can take a glimpse of while commuting, traveling, or just while hanging out at a café or restaurant. YNG Media makes sure your brand reaches out to each person. Be it, someone, on a bus, taxi, at a railway station, airport, mall, retail store, we get you seen everywhere.

With options-a-many, you can choose from the vast variety of outdoor advertising options we offer:

Billboard advertising

There are millions of people out there on the streets every day. Whether stuck in traffic, traveling around the city, or just moving from one place to the other, billboards are something no one misses to look at. One of the longest-standing forms of outdoor media advertising, YNG Media makes optimum use of billboard ads, using mural ads, poster ads, bulletins, and digital billboards to give your brand a wide platform. You can use anything from a few feet squared to something as big as an entire building.

Direct Marketing

There’s quite nothing like reaching out to your customers directly. This form of outdoor media advertising works better than any online media advertising. Direct marketing gives you more visibility and the recall rates are impressive. At YNG Media, we get you maximum visibility through direct marketing, making sure your brand is tracked effectively, getting you the best ROI results.

Retail marketing

These advertisement options differ according to each market. You can customize your ads according to what your campaign needs. YNG Media helps you market your brand with point-of-purchase opportunities. We help you get the best of outdoor media advertising in and around retail establishments, and help you capitalize on foot traffic to get your campaign maximum attention.

Digital outdoor media

There’s a wide gamut of options to explore when it comes to digital outdoor advertising. At YNG Media, we ensure that all your outdoor campaigns are in excellent digitalized prints and styles that not only look great but also attract a great number of leads. This is one of the most attractive forms of outdoor media advertising. Digital versions are often more attractive than those in the world of online media advertising.

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