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The competition in most industries has intensified after the advent of digital marketing. Almost all companies in the world have adopted digital marketing solutions to get an edge over their rivals, and garner greater market share. With the increasing number of mobile users, and the significant rise in sales of smart phones, mobile marketing is the next big thing in the digital marketing domain.

YNG Media, a mobile solution company, and a respected player in the digital marketing company in Delhi, will enable your company with the latest mobile marketing solutions to create more interest for your product or service.

Mobile marketing is an important medium of marketing, wherein a product or service is promoted through mobile phones. It is essential that companies embrace new technologies, and mobile marketing is one of the key marketing solutions that every company must use. Our mobile solution company offers end-to-end mobile marketing solutions, right from designing a mobile website, to app development, and mobile online marketing.

The launch of the Android OS completely changed the game, as smartphones became cheaper and much more affordable. This has led to a growing need for more applications and software solutions for mobile phones. Mobile phones and tablets, in a short span of time have become the preferred choice for consuming web content. We will help you design your mobile website so that it is compatible with tablets, mobile phones, as well as PCs. You no longer need to create three different websites for these three platforms. We also help you in building a custom CMS for you to manage and edit your mobile content easily.

Our team of app developers will help you build the best app to serve your customers better. The team has expertise in developing apps for Android, iOS, and Blackberry platforms, and is skilled at creating apps using HTML5, Java, C++, and many more. Our mobile solution in Delhi will also help you in constantly updating your app according to customer preferences.

Advertising and marketing is no longer restricted to ads for a city or a state, but can be targeted according to the location as well. You can directly engage with your target audience by bringing them products or services closer to where they are. Our company offers several mobile targeting options such as SMS marketing, geo targeting, and local marketing. Our software solution and mobile solution company also helps you in placing mobile ads, which includes display, video, and text ads. We make sure that your ads reach the right audience, and give you better ROI.

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