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Media Planning is an indispensible branch of advertising. The main motive behind advertising is reaching out to the end consumer. To decide the medium through which a business undertakes to reach the targeted consumer is called media planning. The ‘when’ and ‘how’ questions of advertising, are answered through Media Planning. YNG Media; one of the many Digital Media Services in India, uses a myriad of tools like television, digital media, flyers, displays, newspapers, magazines and many more. These are employed to reach the end consumer and attract more revenues for the business. It is an important component of the marketing strategy and hence various business houses are relying increasingly on the professional help.

A  Media Planning Agency can come to the advertising rescue, all the business houses today seek. It is the medium through which they target a prospective client and communicate their business to them. Effective advertising is known to add to the business by leaps and starts. These are the times of smart advertising campaigns that have the potential to generate unbelievable profits. Digital Media Services in India is a cropping market still and very few companies are known to deliver what they promise. One such Media Planning Agency is YNG Media; it has a dedicated and self-motivated staff, with employees that are experts in their own fields. The company is a premier amongst others offering Digital Media Services in India, and their work speaks for them. There are no limits to the ways in which a properly strategized media planning campaign can benefit a business and add to the revenues. Sometimes, the client is not looking for escalating revenues but just a brighter public image. The tools employed in such cases might differ, as the objectives of advertising tend to change.

Here at YNG Media, the campaign is designed by weighing all the sides. While Media planning, the company estimates the strength of audience, the campaign designed is supposed to target. The medium of the advertisement and also the frequency with which they appear are decided keeping the budget of the client in mind. Also, the nature of the end products some what determines the nature of the target audience and in turn the medium that should be used to advertise the product. As a Media Planning Agency, YNG Media lays down the strategy that is most suitable to introduce the consumer to the product with tools that sometimes have a wide scale outreach and at other times propagate exclusivity.

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