Making the Most of Photo Sharing & Mapping


Panoramio, owned by Google helps users include images but here’s what makes it different. Panoramio helps you exhibit a tick on the map that corresponds to the place of the image one is seeking. Now helping you use this excellent tool to make your business work best for you, YNG Media helps you understand all aspects of photo sharing & mapping. Now this works fantastically well for businesses. So the next time your potential clients raise queries about the business you are into, instead of offering a directory of areas or addresses, you can use images which will help them connect more easily with the text. Photo sharing & mapping is our way of making sure your consumers don’t shun you just by looking at a random address of some place far. We direct them to you through a map, making your business look more authentic and credible.

Why use Paroramio?

Studies throughout the web space have proved that images online can have the effect of engaging the user and holding their attention quicker than just using plain text. With this in mind, a lot of businesses today are using images as it is prudent for them. And not just as a part of their websites, but when these images are used in giving directions too, it is studied that your clientele definitely gets bigger and better. From websites, to blogs and many other online marketing and company branding strategies, images play a vital role everywhere. This is why we use photo sharing & mapping to help you reach your target audience.

With the use of Panoramio, you can effortlessly share your images on social networking sites such as Google Buzz and Twitter, increasing the awareness about your brand, products and services in a single click. At YNG Media, we use GEO modifiers for photo sharing & mapping that are attached to an image and help in directing more traffic to your online marketing tools. This is a must-have when people are specifically looking for your Google local business places.

Another important aspect of photo sharing & mapping through Panormaio is that there are photographic communities within Panoramio, where like-minded people can share images and have discussions about topics that they are enthusiastic about. These groups help audience reach your Google local business places by maintaining relationships with people that will want to be informed and kept up to date with what products and services you can provide.

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