Making Optimum Use of Google Analytics Services


For everything you want to know about how your visitors, and finding out how they interact with your website, Google Analytics helps you understand your consumers better. The right use of this one tool helps you focus on your marketing resources better. Helping you with Google analytics services, YNG media helps you with its configuration, set up, segmentation, reporting, tracking or educating your internal staff. With access to a large devoted network of GA experts and Google staff, we help you understand your visitors better.

Setup and Installation

Setting up Google Analytics services isn’t all that easy. Before you set it up you need an expert to discuss with you, your current marketing strategy, desired metrics of goals, key performance indicators, report needs, etc. and segmentation to configure and apply proper Google Analytics tracking code throughout your website. You also need a sub-domain or cross-domain tracking to track visitors across all segments on your website. We help you install all this and filter and profiles for segmentation of data by making optimum use of Google Analytics services.

User defined segments

When you need development/installation of any user defined segmentations, for instance the member activity versus non-member activity, tracking unique marketing landing pages or application of manual tagging scripts, we make sure it’s done creatively and effectively. Getting you the best Google Analytics Services experience.

Ecommerce Integration

Google Analytics services come with advanced e-commerce integration tools, which can pull your revenue data from transactions that take place in your ecommerce engine. You can then target higher ROI channels and products. For all the ecommerce setup for Google Analytics services you need, we have professionals with expertise in web development to properly this more advanced feature.

Conversion is the key in Google analytics services

You web targets are called “conversions”. These could be getting a form filled, targeting a certain number for an online quiz or just about anything. The frequency of these is only the beginning of conversion metrics. You need to establish your site’s conversion triggers. This is what we help you achieve by identifying specific goal paths to get you highest conversion rates.

Setting Analytics Goals

When you’re using Google analytics services you need digital experts who can manage your website traffic to help you reach specific goals. For instance you need better conversion to to justify a large budget for web ads, only an expert can help you identify website issues interfering with the process. This is where our Google analytics services help you communicate seamlessly with your visitors.

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