Google Adwords “Call Out Extensions”


Google Adwords “Call Out Extensions” – A great way to improve your Ads’ CTR & Conversion ratio Google recently added a new feature in its Adwords program wherein additional extensions to the ads have been made possible. These extensions, as can be seen in an example screengrab below, provide to users some additional information which is helpful in making a purchase decision.


As you can see above, call out extensions are the differentiators which can lead more clicks as more of the questions of a prospective customer are being answered even before the person has chosen to click on your Ad. This effectively means that the chances of conversion are more as the customer already knows some of the key purchase influencing factors and has then decided to proceed to your web portal.

Here’s a video explaining why your Google Adwords Campaign needs Callouts

Some best practices to follow while setting up Callouts:

• Keep it short & Simple: Fewer the characters, more callouts can be displayed with your ad. An ideal number suggested by Google is 12 to 15 characters

• Be precise: Remember, Callouts should give out specific information rather than being marketing gimmicks. So, for an example, instead of saying “Great Fabric” you should say “100% handwoven” or instead of “Best Mileage in its class” say “17 KMs per Litre”

• Reduce capitalization: Remember that your Ad is still more important than the callouts and should not take the focus away from it. The callouts are displayed in slightly lighter font and is an “add on” to your ad. Use of unnecessary capitalization may distract prospective customers

For more information and queries about Callouts & Google’s latest Adwords feature, feel free to write to us.
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