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One of the major influences of the internet and computer technology in the 20th and 21st Century has been the advent of E-mail. E-mail, when first introduced changed the way people communicated, and helped businesses reach the target audience easier. What started as a mode of communication between two individuals was soon used by businesses to engage with their prospective customer. This later came to be known as Email Marketing.

This mode of online marketing lets a business converse with their audience directly and is a personal form of marketing. At YNG Media, we help you engage with your audience by creating appropriate Newsletter Designs for your business, and promoting your products to the right audience. We create custom made Email Marketing campaigns to ensure that the newsletters sent to your prospective audience attract them to your product.

Email Marketing has evolved considerably, and customers now demand for a much more personalized Email Service. Gone are the days when companies sent the same Newsletter Design to every customer on their mailing list. YNG Media helps in offering your customers the latest products that they might be interested in, using cutting-edge Email analytics. We consider Email Marketing a science, and we analyze and go beyond to ensure that your customer’s newsletters are relevant to them.

Our analytics team will carefully go through every newsletter’s bounce rate, click through rate, spam complaints, number of opens, and unsubscribes, and give you a detailed analysis of our campaign. We also make timely checks on your conversions and revenue generated from your Email Marketing campaigns. Our Copywriters ensure that the right message is sent through the newsletters, and engage them with your brand.

Marketing directly through Emails is a significantly cheaper than other forms of Online Marketing, and most Email users check their mailbox more than twice a day, which makes this form of marketing faster. You as a brand, can also build a direct relationship with the customer, in-turn increasing customer loyalty towards your brand.

YNG Media’s Email Services also include an analysis of your current Email Marketing campaigns, and provide you solutions to better your current campaign, and create new campaigns to target new customers. An important advantage that this form of online marketing has is that, a digital marketer can track the actions taken by the prospective customer. This can go a long way in tracking the behavior of the prospective customer. Drop in a mail to us, and let us help you in directly engaging with your customer.

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