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The brick and mortar industry created a revolution a century ago, and Ecommerce and Mobile Solutions are rewriting history in the way businesses are done and customers’ buying behaviour. You dream of your own online store on the Internet and mobile, and we at YNG Media will translate your dream into reality by creating an online store that you customers will not be able to get enough of, whether online or on their mobiles. The internet and smartphone boom has thus created a huge possibility of increasing business across all industries and players of all sizes and shapes.

More importantly, the obvious advantages of implementing an Ecommerce and Mobile Solution are too many for any business to ignore. An important game changer for many, it helps increase sales as well as customers thanks to its sheer reach to anyone having an internet connection. An excellent platform to conduct actual business transactions, it transcends the boundaries of industries and caters as much to B2B as it does to B2C – a vital tool that all businesses need to adopt. Your business can run 24×7 round the year, and existing and potential customers can do business from the comfort of their home, office, during a vacation or from their smartphones. Ease of browsing through and finding the right product / service, ability to provide details information and a highly secure and seamless payment mechanism add to the overall appeal of this online phenomenon.

So if you’re a manufacturing behemoth, or a fashion house – we design custom-made Ecommerce websites completely in tune with your online style statement, and your unique online identity. We also place a premium on Innovation combined with user-friendly features to create a seamless and enjoyable end-to-end customer experience. And more importantly, the mobile phone is probably the most used device and almost always with us in person, which greatly increases the urgency for businesses to create an effective Mobile Solution for their business. At YNG Media, we are in tune with all the latest mobile technologies and which help us provide suitable Mobile Solution to our customers in order to tap this huge untapped market. Responsive website designs and mobile advertising for various screen sizes with a keen eye for current and future trends, we are among the leading mobile App development firms and offer creative designs, unique utilities and features, which undergo rigorous testing and quality checks. We are well equipped to develop these apps in several languages and support all the existing operating systems like Android, iOS & Blackberry; and provide support and maintenance facilities as well.

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