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Ever since money came into existence or even barter system was discovered there has been a competition. A race to sell, a race to prove oneself superior to the other rivals in the stream has prevailed. Modern times have witnessed advertising as a mode to attain this target of proving superiority. We at YNG Media strive to become a partner for all your advertising needs so that it is easier to deliver your products and services to the audience.

Display advertising is one of the essential branches of advertising. It works on the principle that the effect of vision of human eye is a long lasting one on brain. It majorly includes text or pictorial representation of the brand either in print form or on online portals. YNG Media emphasizes on the creation of effective display ads including classifieds in print and online, we even help in the correct placement of your ads in order to achieve delivery to a broader spectrum.

Another important type of display ads are the banners. Banner advertising is a more pictorial form of advertisement. These can be employed for marketing by brands, political parties or by organizations for awareness purposes. Our scope of work includes designing, printing and placement of small to huge sizes of banners. Our work ensures that your banners become a signature of your offering.

An effective way of promoting your business is taking help from display ad networks. They are tools to attract traffic to the website by placing the display ads or classifieds at strategic positions over the web. One of the most popular display ad networks is the Google ad words. This program strategies the process of attracting traffic on websites by the pay per click policy. It means that all the advertisement through this program is free and one needs to pay only if people click on their web link and actual traffic comes in to the website. YNG Media makes the process of advertising on Google ad words easier. With thorough research we help you choose the right keywords that make your ad a more viewed one.

We also help gather business by the use of contextual advertising wherein the searched web page is scanned for keywords and ads relevant to those keywords are displayed. We brainstorm and design the display ads in a way that makes them viewable at large by including the most searched keywords.

If the display advertisement is the mode that you have chosen to speak about your business then YNG Media can help you a great deal in achieving the desired results.

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