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An unprecedented amount of content is being generated and consumed like never before. Content is generated to be published on websites and on social media, which is often shared with other users. Over the past few years, content generation has increased massively as Google ranks those websites which have quality, original content. To manage this large content, the use of Content Management System (CMS) has increased.

YNG Media a digital marketing company, among other things, is also involved in CMS development in India. The CMS allows website owners to manage, edit and publish content from the back end. A well designed CMS allows the owner to create custom themes for the website, add plug-ins and modules, and have a good user interface. A key advantage of a CMS is that the website can be created and optimized even by non-technical people.

The design of the website can be easily changed and content on the website can be easily edited. Our company provides your business with an entire range of CMS development services to help you manage content on your website easily. A CMS system is SEO friendly, reliable and stable, compatible with most browsers, and also has community support.

Our dedicated CMS development services team at YNG Media, help your business by developing a CMS that is most suitable for your business, and customizing it with plug-ins and themes that are relevant to your business. The team designs the content management systems to include management of rich media, social media plug-ins, file management options, as well as features to maintain the content.

Due to the popularity of content management systems, there have been several new CMS’s propping up in the market. Most of these are free, and have fantastic community support, as well as several plug-ins and add-ons. Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla are three of the most popular content management systems. We offer custom CMS development services for your website, wherein our team of CMS developers customize the website according to your demands. We help design custom CMS’s for personal websites, e-commerce websites, corporate websites, and many more.

Our expertise lies in developing custom content management systems for the three most popular CMS’s – Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. These three CMS’s are hugely popular as they are reliable, simple to design, and have user friendly interfaces. Our team at YNG Media have completed many projects on these three content management systems and swear by their reliability and functionality.

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