Top 10 Biggest Payment Gateways In India for International Transactions

Top 10 Biggest Payment Gateways in India for International Transactions

When it comes to business, the currency is a significant factor. As the world is being driven by technology and moving towards digitization, online payment mode has become an indispensable aspect. The trading world is always working on expanding its roots and leaping the geographical boundaries. Thus, having a safe and secure payment gateway for international transactions is a major deal.
If you are an Indian merchant, you must acquire information about the top 10 international payment gateways, ensuring you get to run your business smoothly.

Best 10 International Payment Gateways in India

1. Cashfree Payment Gateway: If you are looking for multiple payment options within a single payment gateway, then Cashfree is the right choice for you! You get to select from several payment options, including Rupay, Maestro, Mastercard, Amex, over 75 Netbanking options, Payment. If you are into using virtual wallets, Cashfree also offers a wide array of payment wallet options such as Mobiwik, Airtel, Freecharge. You can also choose to pay with ZestMoney, OlaMoney postpaid, etc. Those who rely on UPI, NEFT, Paypal, IMPS, etc., can also benefit. There is zero set-up and annual maintenance fee involved.

For more details, check out: Cashfree

2. Airpay: Several global traders rely on Airpay that allows the users to benefit from UPI, a single-window transaction system, dynamic payment gateway setting, etc. It comes with a built-in loyalty management engine. You do not have to pay any set-up fees or annual maintenance charges. There is a 2.5% transaction fee involved per quarter.

For more details, check out: Airpay

3. Amazon Pay: Amazon, the e-commerce giant, offers one of the most trusted and most accessible payment options to the users, which is Amazon Pay. This is a highly secured mode of international Payment that keeps your details protected from cybercriminals. The set-up fees are zero, and there are no annual maintenance charges involved. The transaction fees levied is 2.9%, with a settlement time of T+2 days.

For more details, check out: Amazon Pay

4. Paypal: Paypal is among the best international payment gateways, which ensures complete protection to your highly sensitive, confidential bank details from fraudsters. There are various features, such as credit card reader, barcode scanning, online invoicing, shopping cart, virtual terminal, etc.

For more details, check out: Paypal

5. PayU: Earlier known as PayU Money, PayU enables you to make international payments effortlessly. The app is perfectly supported by Android, iOS, Windows, etc. It serves as a highly secure form of payment gateway which lets you make the Payment within a few seconds. There is no need to worry about the security of your crucial details as PayU is completely safe to use. There are zero maintenance fees involved. PayU levies 2% transaction fees along with GST for each transaction. It supports multiple credit card options such as MasterCard, Diners, Visa, Amex Credit Cards. There are zero withdrawal fees involved.

For more details, check out: PayU

6. Instamojo: Another popular and safe international payment gateway is Instamojo, enabling the new merchants to instantly collect the Payment even if they do not have a business website. There are zero maintenance fees involved and a flat 2% + Rs. 3 transaction fee is levied. You do not have to pay any withdrawal fee. The total settlement time is 3 days.

For more details, check out: Instamojo

7. Stripe: This payment gateway supports credit, debit cards, and even bitcoins, ACH transfers, and Alipay. It is easily accessible in more than 139 countries across the globe. There are 4.3% stripe charges involved in international payments.

For more details, check out: Stripe

8. PayUbiz: It is one of the popular international payment gateways in India that is used by many e-commerce businesses. PayUbiz serves as an integrated payment gateway by offering users a chance to choose from various payment options such as mobile wallets, debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, and UPI. It is an efficient payment gateway that offers high conversion rates and enables you to get a complete report of the analytics involved.

For more details, check out: PayUbiz

9. SignetPay: Integrated with useful features such as iframe integration, multilingual payment page for ease of usage, multi-channeled payment processing, etc., SignetPay serves as a highly secured payment gateway for international transactions. The set-up fee is INR 5000/- and the annual maintenance fees come with a package worth INR 2499/- month. The total settlement time involved is T+2 days.

For more details, check out: SignetPay

10. 2Checkout: 2Checkout is a reliable international payment gateway that also provides local payment options, a total win-win! It offers the users the benefit of choosing from several payment options. The payment gateway is multilingual and lets you choose from 87 different currencies. It is a unique integration of more than 100 e-commerce websites.

For more details, check out: 2Checkout

With an abundance of international payment gateways available in India, it has become easy to enjoy a safe online Payment Gateways In India experience seamlessly.

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