Tips To Effectively Share PPC Industry Updates With The Clients

Tips To Effectively Share Ppc Industry Updates With The Clients

Tips To Effectively Share Ppc Industry Updates With The Clients

The online market is a highly evolving and volatile world. Here you never know what new update or news is waiting for you next morning. Sometimes people get surprised to look at quick changes. These changes can include anything from the ad score to copywriting technique, word limit etc.

Now the problem is not about the changes, but it’s about communicating the changes with the clients. Today’s clients are much advanced in terms of information about the PPC, different digital marketing strategies, and updates. So if you are providing PPC services, you need to tell them about each and every update as and when you get to know about it.

Updating them with the changes is a win-win situation for both the clients and the company. Updated clients can help you in the better account management by giving their insights. Modern clients are more informed and want to stay updated with everything. By telling them about the changes, you can avoid various questions. But the problem is how to effectively share the PPC industry updates with them. Here are some tips to make the task easier for you.

Be Proactive

The first thing that comes to the mind when getting to know about a new update is, how it will impact the account we are handling. Sometimes you might not be that worried about the update, but the clients always want to know about the changes that will take place. You should draft a mail to communicate the changes to the clients.

Make sure the mail you draft not just includes the information about the update but also updates the clients with its impact and benefits on their account. However, sharing each and every update with them might overkill. So you should use your judgment to decide which information is useful for the client.

Be Transparent

Many clients are more active than others and regularly review their accounts. These clients have more queries like:

  • Do we need to increase the budget of the campaigns that are shown “Limited by budget?”
  • What is the reason behind low-Quality score for specific keywords?
  • Why a particular ad got disapproved?

The problem is not with the questions, but the way clients get to know about them. They just see the notifications without any context. They just assume everything and approach you for the answers. As the experienced PPC Company, it is your responsibility to answer the questions in relation to overall account goals. Help the clients understand the implications of the optimization process by providing them information from all the angles.

Final thoughts:

Everyone looks for an advisor who is proactive and transparent and this is what your clients expect from you. Along with the technical aspects of PPC campaign, you also need to maintain a relationship with the clients. Always be ready to help them with quick and well-explained answers.

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