Targeting Gets Effective in Twitter with New Ad Groups Tool

Targeting Gets Effective in Twitter with New Ad Groups Tool

Twitter, which was introduced as a social networking and micro blogging site, has today converted into a strong advertising platform for the online marketers. Looking at the growing interest of marketers in advertising at the platform, Twitter also thought of improving the user experience. It has introduced many tools and techniques to help the marketers increase their revenue from the investment made in the Twitter ads.

The new addition in the improvement process is the introduction of new ad group tool. The new feature will help the advertisers improve the ad campaigns with improved options to measure results, test varied audiences and differentiate the tweets performing well.

Twitter has tough competition with Facebook and this is a strategy to attract more brands to promote their products with Twitter’s advertising options. This will help brands grow their audience base, get more website traffic, increase number of app downloads and get more leads.

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Varied Targeting Criteria

To help the advertisers measure the usefulness of their ad campaigns, Twitter offers different criteria to target a specific audience. The most popular targeting options include:

Geo-Location Targeting

There are many brands having an international presence and target a huge audience base with their ad campaigns. The geo-location based targeting one the basis of country, state or code will help them focus on each subgroup of the audience with a personalized message.

Gender Targeting

If a brand deals in products for both the genders, they need to invest in varied ad campaigns targeting on different genders. Gender targeting ensures that the campaign reaches to the right gender and gets expected engagement.

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Language Targeting

When you look for tools to narrow down the audience for international campaigns, language and geo-location targeting tools can help you a lot. It will help you deliver your message more effectively and get a better response by designing your ad campaign in the native language of the target audience.

Keyword Targeting

The keyword is the heart and soul of digital marketing campaigns. Whether it is search engine optimization or social media marketing, all depend on right selection and targeting of keywords. Keyword targeting will be beneficial for the brands trying the grow engagement by participating in a trending conversation.

Behaviors Targeting

You can also use Twitter advertising to blend online and offline audience. Analyze the in-store shopping experience to find the right audience and use behavior targeting to design more effective ad campaigns.

Follower Targeting

Followers are the lifeline of this micro blogging platform. The first objective of any brand investing in Twitter marketing is to get more followers for increased engagement and revenue. The brands interested in specific people can use the ad group targeting to create a relevant campaign.

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Device Targeting

With the increasing number of device options, the advertisers also need to focus on the device targeting. If the objective behind the ad campaign is to get more app downloads, you first need to understand the ratio of iOS and Android users. It will help you provide different download links to varied device users and get better results.

Don’t you think it is a great feature from Twitter to help digital marketing advertisers grow their business with improved and relevant ad campaigns? Are you now ready to experiment with the advertising options on Twitter? Let us know your views through comments.

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