Why Whatsapp Marketing?

Why Whatsapp Marketing? | YNG Media

Social media has integrated itself into our daily lives. Whether it is staying connected with our friends and family over Facebook or promoting our products on Instagram, we are inevitably visiting social media platforms every single day. And why not? Over 4.8 Billion users are using social media platforms across the world, in 2021, which makes it one of the most impactful mediums to reach the target customer.

However, there is one social media platform that we tend to give the least importance to while planning our marketing strategy. You guessed it right- it’s WhatsApp! WhatsApp, a venture owned by META (Formerly known as Facebook), is practically how most of us stay connected whether it is with our friends and families (we are all part of that one family WhatsApp group with ‘Good Morning’ messages, aren’t we?) or whether it is with our colleagues for work. Despite the deep penetration of WhatsApp in our lives, many businesses have still not leveraged it to promote their products, services or to promote themselves.

Today, let us give you 5 reasons that will compel you to consider WhatApp as part of your marketing strategy:

  1. It is a Private and Secure Platform.
    WhatsApp is known for its end-to-end encryption that attracts many users to make use of it for personal communication, however, its privacy arrangements are also a major trust booster for customers. Most customers loath the frequent advertisements that pop up on social media platforms or the BOTs that collect information, almost always without consent, and then use it to target products to them. WhatsApp’s Ad-free nature is a major motivation for customers to be on it so by creating a verified business account over WhatsApp, you can potentially attract more customers to your products and services.
  2. You can provide Customer Support in Real-Time.
    Customers love businesses that are available for them when they need them. Therefore, WhatsApp makes it easier for customers to reach the business in real-time and get queries or concerns taken care of. It is a quick, efficient and trustworthy manner of connecting with the company. Alongside, the verified feature on WhatsApp helps businesses portray a reliable image that the customers can bank on and accordingly, feel safe and secure while interacting with the business.
  3. High Interactions and Engagement Compared to other Platforms.
    WhatsApp is notably a platform where users prefer to engage than just view content. Therefore, using WhatsApp for business is an effective and efficient way to increase engagement with the business’s products and services. Moreover, since WhatsApp is not restricted to one-way communication, it encourages customers to provide their opinions and ask their questions more freely.
  4. Personalized Content for Consumer Groups.
    Businesses, often, create schemes and promotions that apply only to a select range of their customers such as based on their shopping amount or their relationship with the business amongst others. Thus, an effective way to reach these separate consumer groups is through WhatsApp, since the social media platform allows the creation of groups or enables the use of the ‘broadcast messages’ feature to selected individuals.
  5. Penetrates Across Demographics.
    Yes, last but not the least, one of the most important advantages of using WhatsApp as one of your marketing tools is its wide user base or its user demographic. WhatsApp users range from young teenagers to people above retirement which allows businesses to reach various target consumer groups using the same platform. Therefore, whether it is Gen Z or the Boomers, everyone is at the reach of your finger.

Conclusion: While being on other social media platforms is important, WhatsApp is one such platform that a business cannot ignore when it comes to creating personalized, creative and wide-reaching content for their products or services. Its advantages make it one of the most lucrative platforms to be on and conduct business on.

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