How To Create a Social Media Strategy In 5 Easy Steps

How To Create a Social Media Strategy In 5 Easy Steps


Social media strategy refers to the summary of your plans and goals that you wish to achieve on social media. A good social media strategy is the key to create a good number of leads because it widens your reach and helps in the growth of your business. After knowing the importance of Social media strategy it is important to know how to create a good social media strategy. In this article, we will tell you 5 easy steps to create an impactful social media strategy.

5 easy steps that you must follow for an impactful social media strategy:

  1. Choose those social media goals which match your business objectives: Objectives and goals are the first steps for deciding your strategy. Your goals will help you to analyze your Return on Investment (what you are gaining from investing in social media marketing). You must make sure that the goals are S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound). Once you have figured out your goals, the next step is to track essential metrics like engagement, conversion rate, click-through, etc. These can help you to know how successful the strategy and digital marketing role is very important for social media.
  2. Know your audience: Any strategy needs to know about their target. Since every business wants to gain more customers, it is very important to know what they want to see on social media. This will help you to optimize your content in that way. Things like age, location, average income, interests, etc. can help you in knowing their real wants and needs and you can design your product and content like that. But for knowing your audience, assumptions won’t work. You have to rely on social media analytics. 
  3. Understand your competition: The next step is to understand the strategies and loopholes of your competitors. You can use social listening (searching competitor company’s name, account handles, and other keywords) for knowing what type of content they are giving and what response they are getting. Hootsuite is a good social media management tool for this. 
  4. Assess your social media efforts: If you are on social media, you must ask yourselves some relevant questions like what is working for you and what not? Who is connecting with you? What is the level of your social media presence as compared to competitors? This audit sheet will give you a clear picture of the utility of your social media account. You might also come across imposter accounts (that are using your name and degrading your brand image), you can report them. 
  5. Decide which networks to use and make a good profile: the next important step is to decide which social media site you prefer the most. Although there are multiple social media sites, deciding on the potential sites and the content that you’ll upload on respective sites is very important. For example, you can use Twitter (just an example) specifically for customer support, Linkedin for promoting the company’s content and culture. Profile building is an important step when you have decided on the network. All fields should be properly filled, high-quality images should be used, keywords and consistent brandings like logos to make you recognizable are some of the things that you should pay attention to. You can use compelling captions with amazing visuals in your content to attract an audience. You can also keep a calendar of your posting schedule and determine the right content for each platform.


In this article, we saw a list of 5 easy steps that will help you in creating a good social media strategy. Besides these steps, you must make sure that your strategy is concise and specific. It will increase the effectiveness of your strategy. You can always look for inspiration from other accounts and reviews from your customers. While all these steps are foolproof enough to give you a good strategy, you should also note that you can always modify your strategies after evaluating. This can be done by looking at your performance metrics and setting up a calendar for your content. This was all from our side. Now it is your turn to put your plan into action and devise a good social media strategy for your business growth. 

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