How to Use Linkedin For Business Growth

How to Use Linkedin For Business Growth


Linkedin is a platform that helps you to connect professionally with someone, follow and see their posts, find work and share your opinions and achievements. It is an amazing way to build your network. But besides all this, it can also help you to grow your business. 

How to Use Linkedin For Business Growth , So here are certain ways through which it can help you to promote your business: 

The huge number of Linkedin users in India (about 47 million), consisting of professionals, entrepreneurs, job seekers etc., can help you to grow your business and get leads.

  • Linkedin Ads: Advertisers get an option called lead collection in Linkedin Ads. Those people who click on your ad are directly taken to your webpage, and you can request their contact details. This can help you to increase your leads.
  • Profile views can help: Linkedin also has a feature to show you those who viewed your profile. They might become buyers for your products or services. So in this way you can also send a message to them and ask if they are willing to help in something.
  • Getting email ids: Linkedin can be used for gaining email ids also. By posting detailed information about CV building and other trending topics and asking for mail ids in the comments for more information, you can get the contact details. This can be an excellent way to tell the features of your product on a one-on-one basis. Forms can be mailed, and this way would help you to get more leads.
  • Partnerships: Since Linkedin hosts a variety of people from different professions, you can reach out to your complementing business and enter into partnerships. For example, if you are an event planner, you can connect with the HRs of different firms and show them your business’s accomplishments, ask for future events and their contact details.
  • Search feature: The search option can help you find prospective buyers, collaborators, investors etc., and after connecting with these people, you can turn them into leads.
  • Premium search filters: Linkedin filters can help you narrow down your search and save time. Features like age and seniority will tell you the experience of a person, and you can connect with those who can give you more work and help your business.

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