Can Social Media be used for Small business

Can Social Media be used for Small business


Can Social Media be used for Small business, Small Business have the advantage of lower costs but are disadvantaged concerning competition from big companies that have advanced technology. But when you are in the market no matter whether you are a big business or a small one you have to give good competition to others. Therefore making a social presence is important.
One of the best ways to create a social presence is through Social media. But does social media benefit Small businesses? In this article, we will explore how social media can help in the growth and development of small businesses.

List of benefits of Social media for small businesses:

  1. Helps in engaging with potential customers:
    We live in a technological era where social media presence is very important. Social media gives small businesses an amazing opportunity to connect with prospective buyers. You can get in touch with both current customers and new ones. Engagement with clients and customers is very important for the growth of a business. Social Media helps you to inform the world at large about your products, features, benefits, cost, reliability, etc. This in turn creates an unconscious presence of your product in the consumer’s mind. Engagement is even better in the case of small businesses rather than large ones because they can give time to social media, reply to the comments and solve consumer doubts that large businesses fail to do.
  2. Build Brand Awareness: Every small and big brand wants to create awareness about its products. For example, when we think of toothpaste, there are only a few names like Pepsodent and Colgate that come to our name instantly. This is because these brands have been successful in creating a presence over our minds. Similarly, Social media helps you to create brand awareness. Like what features of your brand make it different from others, what advantage I will have if I buy it etc. Even a survey has revealed that small businesses with less than 100 employees but with a strong social media presence managed to create brand awareness and attract buyers.
  3. Social Media Marketing is convenient: The major problem with small businesses is that they lack the funds that are needed for marketing. But social media can solve this problem. You can easily and conveniently market your product on social media without incurring much rise in costs. You will need some informative posts like photos, videos, etc. on different social media handles to create brand awareness and that too very conveniently.
  4. The opportunity of using innovative ways for marketing without any additional costs:
    Social Media offers you an amazing opportunity to use your innovative ways to attract consumers. For example, you can ask the buyers to post their pics on their social media handles and they can win prizes. In this way, your product will reach a large audience and that too without much effort. Also, the cost that you will incur will be far less than what you have to pay for TV ads. In this way, social media campaigning is much more budget-friendly for small businesses. Also, it helps you to monitor consumer engagement giving an option to you to modify your Social media strategy according to changing times.
  5. Collaborating with other small businesses becomes possible: Another amazing feature of Social media for small businesses is that two small businesses can collaborate for business projects. An example of this could be the Paytm cashback that you get when you buy any particular Kurkure pack. Similarly, you can collaborate with other small businesses and show your potential customers that if you buy from us you will get discounts on the other business’ products. In this way both the small businesses can get advantages.
  6. Personalized attention and personal services: The greatest advantage of using social media for small businesses is that they can give personalized attention and personal services to their customers. In these COVID times when almost everything has shifted to home, it’s better that you have a personalized connection with the customers and social media offers you the same.
    Even most of the consumers prefer those businesses where they get personal attention. They will also post good feedback for you thus attracting more customers for your business.


Can Social Media be used for Small business, In this article, we saw several ways through which Social media helps small businesses to promote their growth and attract consumers. 

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