10 Facebook Marketing Anticipations For 2017

10 Facebook Marketing Anticipations For 2017

With the beginning of 2017, everyone is wondering about the changes in digital marketing strategies. Though it’s been almost a month, people are still confused about Facebook marketing in 2017.

To get an idea of what the year holds for Facebook marketing, we collected thoughts of social media experts and prepared a list of 10 predictions made by them.

  1. Paid ads will reach Facebook groups

It is expected that Facebook will bring down the reach of Facebook groups to introduce paid ads for groups. It will help the leading social media platform to grow an additional advertising revenue stream

  1. Facebook will develop end-to-end sales communication tool

In the market condition where customers expect companies to offer immediate response, Facebook will make it easier for the brands to communicate with the customers to get more sales. In 2017, Facebook will develop and release products and tools to facilitate the companies and customers with instant communication.

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  1. Facebook will launch own cable TV network

In order to diversify into new media, Facebook will introduce its own original programming on Facebook Live. Whether the social media giant purchases a major television network or starts its own channel, it will target a high-profit niche.

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  1. Chatbots will centralize sales and customer service

With above one billion people using Facebook’s Messenger every month, chances of it becoming a central part of customer service and sales processes are high. Bots and AIs that were limited to answering queries and directing users towards helpful resources will not be used to initiate sales conversations with the prospective customers.

If the plans go well, in future, buyers will only need to send a Facebook messages to the brand page to buy any product. As a brand, you can start using the feature by adding a Message Us on Facebook button to your website or contact page.

  1. Facebook ad targeting will deepen

With the advanced control on whom you can target and retarget on Facebook, advertising on this platform will get increasingly granular. This feature helps marketers save money by delivering a specific message to selected audience.

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  1. Facebook video analytics will become decisive

In 2017, advertisers will demand more transparency for their Facebook video and live video analytics. With more companies investing in video advertising, production and distribution, it is a high time when agencies, publishers, and influencers need to start sharing more data.

  1. Facebook’s influencer campaign will be mature

There will be a change in the way influencers and brands come together to advertise on Facebook. There will be more transparency for meaningful and helpful content creation for the biggest fans. This will also give more and better choices to the audience to make a buying decision.

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  1. Facebook will position for a camera-first user experience

Social media marketing expert Ana Hoffman says that chances of a camera becoming the main way to share information and data are high. Facebook is planning to put a camera instead of a text box at the center of the user experience.

  1. Third-party Facebook live tools will evolve

With Facebook Live getting easier and mainstream, advertisers will have to focus more on a higher quality of broadcasts. Facebook is making all the efforts to make broadcasting from smartphone and desktop easier for the brands to get more benefit from their advertising.

  1. Facebook will enlarge customer service features

Daniel Lemin, a social media marketing expert predicts that in 2017, Facebook will pay more attention to the social customer service space through Facebook Messenger and reviews. It will provide tools to help brands and customers connect in real-time and create value for each other.

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What do you think about the Facebook marketing in 2017? How will these predictions bring changes in social media marketing techniques? Share your thoughts through comments.

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