Lower Your CPC With Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization

To achieve high conversion rate & low CPC in Google Ads is one of the successful works by any Digital Marketer. For this achievement you need to do things in right direction.

Optimizing your PPC landing pages is probably the surest approaches to do this … as doing so gives you a generous growth in your conversions, without requiring you to increase your ads spend. Likewise, landing page optimization don’t simply bring prompt successes (in the form of more conversions) yet additionally assist you with getting long term investment funds as your quality score improves, consequently bringing down your offer costs. And what more could you ask for?

From all the various headings you can take, I like beginning in one of the key bits of any Ad Words campaign: your landing pages.

The relevancy and nature of your landing page affect your Quality Score, which legitimately affects your cost per click (CPC). Hence, optimizing your landing pages can assist you with setting aside money while improving your conversion rates.

Make the landing page relevant to the search query

If you know anything about Google Ads, you realize that your Quality Score is one of the most significant elements – if not the most significant one – for which you need to enhance your campaigns.

Accounts with quality scores of 6 or higher are allowed a 16-50% decline in CPC, while accounts with a 4 or lower Quality Score see a 25-400% increase in CPC.

Part of the measurement of a high Quality Score is made up of the landing pages. According to AdWords expert Brad Geddes, “Rarely will you see a quality score higher than 3 if your landing page is not relevant.

But how would you make a landing page “relevant”? You do as such by associating your landing pages with the buy purpose of your ad groups and their respective keywords & key phrases.

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Make your landing page trustworthy

Words are a dime in dozen. Trust, then again, isn’t. Trust takes effort & time to create. It requires a consistent effort, specific time frame to pick up, and it’s an essential component that sustains any sort of exchange, regardless of whether it’s financial or not.

Trust, contrast with content, can’t simply “be composed”. It’s not something you can do, either. You must be reliable with the goal for individuals to trust in you.

So as to make your points of landing page trustworthy, there are various things you can do.

First, start by sharing more about your company. Tell them who you are, who’s behind your company (and your website), what you do, where you do it from, etc. Of course, you don’t have to explain the story of your life in it. Time is money, and attention is sparse, so make it clear and quick. Just one or two paragraphs are enough.

Then, include social proof. There are numerous ways you can use this psychological trigger. Awards received, testimonials from happy clients, ratings and reviews, security identifications, press mentions, or even records you have broken can be utilized to add social evidence to your landing page.

Make your landing page fast

How often have you have been on a website that has something you need however takes forever to load? In the event that you like me, it happens more regularly than you would wish.

Indeed, as per Kiss metrics “73% of mobile internet clients state that they’ve experienced a website that was too slow to load.” This means regardless of whether you do everything right, if visitors can’t really see the website since it doesn’t load, it’s game over.

According to the same study mentioned before, “a 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.” Another study made by Search Engine Land came to similar conclusions.

To start improving your landing page speed, most importantly, you have to put your landing page on a speed tool like Pingdom or Google’s Page Speed Insights. Any of those tools will disclose to you how fast your page is, the amount it loads, and what issues it has. Google will likewise reveal to you how to explain them, while Pingdom will be more technical on its analysis.

Simplify Your Landing Page

A very easy landing page may appear to be irrational, yet it gets ride of the visual effects. You need your website visitors to concentrate on the prize: your call to action.

Keep your call to action easy & straightforward, as complicated long call to action form increases bounce rate & decreases conversion rate.

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Improving your point of landing page, making your copy about your visitors, concentrating your landing pages on just a single thing, making them trustworthy while looking present day and quick takes a great deal of hard work.

But, there’s no uncertainty that these optimizations will assist you with expanding your landing pages’ presentation while bringing down your Ads costs. Furthermore, that will assist you with taking your business to the next level.

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