How Search Intent Can Boost SEO Ranking

search intent boost seo

Here are steps to improve search engine raking by analyzing & researching on search intent query. To understand, research & creating content on search queries “Know”, “Do” and “Go” can make your keywords ranking high.

In traditional marketing we used to go inside stores and choose our favorite products and after making payment came back to home. Before buying the products from store, we had not any idea about the product and its price. It is the moment when you know about the products by reaching to store is known as Zero Moment of Truth”. This is the moment when the user interacts with a brand just before making the purchasing decision.

But now trend has been changed to purchase any products from offline stores as well as online portals. Before buying any products user researches prices on different online portal and as well as offline stores. We need to make sure that our business and website are in front of the users at the time that they are researching the products we sell. Users only clicks on “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” Button when they have prior idea about your brands & services.

But you need to make sure that your business and website are in front of the users at the time that they are researching the products you sell. Now, here Search Intent comes in use.

Do you know Search Intent & why it matters in SEO?

Search intent is the why behind a search query (keywords, key phrases). The search intent definition is the consumer’s intent, or real meaning, behind Google searches—the “why” of the keywords. It’s also known as a commercial or buyer’s intent.

Google’s aim is to provide users with the most relevant result for their query. Google also states its mission is to “Organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

Knowing the intention of your audience, and potential customers mean you’ll be able to plan ahead and pick keywords that will make them more likely to find your site while searching online.

User intention types

Search intent can be broken down into three distinct types:

  • Informational Searches
  • Transactional Searches
  • Navigational Searches

So how does that work for SEO?

We can discuss all these three topics in details to understand their importance in SEO.

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Informational searches

This search intent is related to learn about something which is not related to conversion. These queries may be as –

“How can we fix leaked taps? “

“How can we clean my microwave?”

This type of search keywords can be used for brands popularity but conversion at this point in the searcher’s journey is minimal, these are queries that you want to be ranking for.

Transactional searches

Transactional searches are when the user is ready to make a purchase. These are going to be related to the categories or products on your website.

This transactional Search are used when someone ready to make purchase of desired products. These search queries may be as –

“Buy Air Conditioner? “

“Best Gas stoves Under INR 2000 “.

“Buy Shoes Online”.

They should also take precedence over the informational searches when you first start to optimize your site. These searches are most important as these belongs to high conversion rates.

Navigational searches

These are the easiest search in all search intents, as these need very little optimization.

Users already knew brands and website, only single search is required to get desired website.

How does search intent relate to Google?

There are mainly three types of searches in Search engines including Google.

  • “Know” – informational searches
  • “Do” – transactional searches
  • “Go” – navigational searches

By using “know,” “do” and “go” as part of your research, you can bucket keywords by intent.

Spend time researching “Know,” Do” and “Go” queries so you can create content that puts you in front of the consumer at all stages of their purchasing cycle

How to improve your search intents in SEO?

In earlier steps we identified that which search belongs which type of queries. Now time is to focus on our targeted keywords & create standard tags for search intent keywords. There are many keywords tool that can provide keywords research ideas. These tools are Moz Free SEO Tool, Ubbersuggest Tool of Neil Patel, Keyword Keg & Keywords Planner etc.

Now you will check traffic & competition on that researched keywords or phrase which you want to target. Ideally, you’re going to want to pick keywords that have low competition but a high search volume.


As we know SEO is not a rocket science and ranking takes time. So, keep working on above mentioned steps regularly step by step. If you want your business to grow then you think about intent of the customer’s search in search engines.

Most crucial & important thing is content, create fresh and quality content which can fits in to user’s query. By putting quality & fresh content in front of customer, you can generate leads and as well as good ranking in Google and other Search Engines.

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