Make Your SEO Strategies More Effective By Connecting Audience Insights

Make You SEO Strategies More Effective By Connecting Audience Insights

Do you want to make better search engine optimization decisions?

If yes, you should be ready to connect audience insights with your SEO strategies. Businesses now understand the importance of customers and pay due attention to audience enrichment by combining first party data from the website with third party data collected from other sources.

Marketers usually pay for third-party audience data for paid social, but using audience data for digital marketing channels improvement is still in its infant stage. Most of the people are just at the initial stage of adopting an audience-first multichannel strategy. There is huge connectivity gap between search engine intent and individual customers recognized via audience enrichment strategies.

So, the question is “How to match intent to audience data and integrate the strategies into the mix?”

reviews read by customer

The best way for this is to study your audience to understand their behavior. Gone are the days when you had to depend on a lot of manual work and lengthy process to close the gap between audience identification and actual channel-specific strategy. Now with the help of cheap infrastructure and tool kits, you can quickly build your own data analysis mass and create the individual audience solution yourself.

After crossing the bridge, you can easily hook up your historic data and cross check the transaction timeline to find out the real lifetime value of a particular customer. Later, you can collect their attributes in a cohort to check their influence on marketing collateral and budget prioritization across different channels.

While doing this, you also need to connect the dots between mobile SEO data and rich audience data from other sources. So, how to do that?

mobile seo data

Simply perform an infinite number of A/B tests to find out the person clicking through mobile organic result at a particular time was the same who saw your sponsored Facebook post the other day at a specific time.

To execute on insights, you need a platform environment that allows tweaked HTML information from mobile, desktop and tablet. Go further to analyze the data within the sphere of SEO. When you put the insight within the context of a multichannel conversation path containing various important touch points, you will get to know how considering just the existing rank data is insufficient.

Hope more and more businesses employ a data stack in future to make SEO strategies more effective. Whether you are professional search marketer or just doing it for your website, you should be ready to engage with the audience led strategy by following the process given above.

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