Google Officially Kills its Link Command

Google officially kills its link command

If you are still spending time on the link command, stop it as Google as officially killed off the same and now it’s not working properly.

Following the decision to kill off link command, Google’s John Mueller has suggested Webmasters and SEOs not to use link operator. If you try to use a, the chances of getting irrelevant results are high due to improper functioning of link command.

Though people noticed the same last year as well and tried to confirm it with Google. At that time Google said that the link operator is not dead, but now it says that the link operator is officially dead.

Though many webmasters have already stopped using it a way back, some SEOs still try their luck and get wrong results because the function doesn’t work anymore.

There is no confirmation from Google on return of the command or any message to clarify that the feature doesn’t work anymore. As there is nothing clear from Google expect the confirmation that the link command is not working at all now, you can take help of other third-party tools and can access your link report in the Google Search Console.

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