Google Completely Shuts Off Toolbar PageRank

Google Completely Shuts Off Toolbar PageRank

As we reported last month about Google killing off Toolbar PageRank, the search engine has finally turned it off. Google officially turns off feeding to Toolbar PageRank from April 15, 2016. To collect data the search engine has closed the hose and the feed.

All the Toolbars and web based tools that worked in Internet Explorer and other browsers are now officially closed down. As we mentioned in the last post, Google will use PageRank for its own algorithm and calculation, the normal users and marketers will not be able to see it. For Google algorithm it is still an important factor.

This is not a sudden decision. Google has been killing off PageRank for years. The process started in 2007, when it asked webmasters about their opinion on removal of PageRank. Based on the feedback, Google removed showing PageRank like data in Webmaster Tools in 2009. It also stopped updating external PageRank and told time and again that it will never update PageRank again.

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One Clarification:

Some people are still confused about it and misunderstanding it with death of PR. For their information, the search engine has only removed the Toolbar not the page ranks. Links are still important for organic growth.

Now it is time to uninstall all the PageRank plugins from your browsers.

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