What Marketing In 2022 Would Be Like

What Marketing In 2022 Would Be Like | YNG Media

As we move into the new year- 2022, businesses will be working on their strategies for the year to reach customers in the most impactful way possible. In the last 2 years, the pandemic has forced the world’s businesses to transition to digital marketing- a trend that is bound to remain consistent. With every passing year, there are new marketing trends and strategies that businesses adopt to keep their ‘A game’ on! Thus, it is important to identify those trends early and plan for a year with effective marketing.

Today, we will list down a few of our expectations of how marketing in 2022 would be like to help you devise appropriate strategies for the upcoming year!

  1. Boom of Digital Marketing : Yes, we started with the best! It is evident that in the last 2 years, post the start of the pandemic, there has been a digital boom since physical marketing took a back seat. More and more businesses, whether small or large, began harnessing platforms like search engines and social media to stand out from the crowd. And why not? The share of e-commerce in the global retail trade went up to 17% in 2020 from 14% in 2019, owing to the physical restrictions posed by the onset of the pandemic.It is certain that looking at current trends, there will be continued growth in digital marketing as more and more businesses venture into the digital space to bring their products to the consumer.
  2. Influencer Marketing is Bound to Grow : Amidst the pandemic, we have seen a growth in influencer marketing or shall we say an exponential growth? As users remained stuck to their social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, influencers began obtaining an increasing number of followers than ever before. This enabled brands to leverage the increased following of influencers for marketing campaigns and getting their products to the end consumer. Since we are still amidst the pandemic, and still hooked to our phones, influencers continue to grow rapidly and it is evident that their growth will continue even in the next year. Therefore, it is a wise idea to leverage influencers who match your brand’s values to increase sales.
  3. SEO is No Longer About Tricks and Tips : With the digital algorithms becoming smarter by the day, it is imperative that businesses and marketers focus more on creating a user-friendly experience for the website audience than making use of hacks and tricks to “crack” the algorithm. SEO or Search Engine Optimization has always been one of the most integral forms of digital marketing since it is one of the primary reasons for increased web traffic. In the upcoming year, SEO will continue to play a major role in the overall marketing strategy of any business but understanding its changes is important to ensure that you are leveraging it effectively.

With our top 3 expectations from 2022 when it comes to digital marketing, we hope that you are able to create strategies that will help you reach a larger audience. However, this is not it! We have several more expectations from 2022 that we shall be releasing in another part of this blog so stay tuned.

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