What is SEO, And How It Works

What is SEO, And How It Works | YNG Media


SEO is an integral part of Digital marketing. It refers to Search Engine Optimization. Although it is a vital term for any business to mark its digital presence, many don’t know much about this. So in this article, we will tell you about SEO and it’s working.

What is SEO?
SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of bringing your site to the top of the search in Google search when relevant keywords are searched for. SEO is beneficial because if your site rank higher then your business is more visible and you can generate more traffic and leads.

e.g. if you are in a fitness business and you have optimized your website for the same, it is more likely that whenever anyone searches for a keyword like ‘how to become fit you’ll feature in the top. This would help you to

You can attract more visitors and customers to your website with SEO Optimization.
Conversions can be enhanced
With better metrics, you are more likely to become a reliable brand.

Now we know what is SEO and the next step is to look at its working for a better understanding.

How does SEO work?
Understanding of working helps you to design your digital marketing strategy accordingly. So let’s look at detailed SEO working. SEO can be categorized into two parts:

  1. On-page SEO: When you talk about those strategies that are related to the inside of your website like content, graphics etc. You are talking about on-page SEO. 
  2. off-page SEO: When we talk about those strategies that happen off your website like how fast your site opens etc. We refer to off-page SEO.

Both on-page and off-page SEO are crucial in the understanding of SEO work. Both these things are vital because they make your site more user friendly and trustworthy. This in turn impresses Google search engines and they are likely to rank your site in top searches. The exact working of SEO is a bit complex because it depends on approx. 200 factors. 

But let’s understand in a simple manner through the following steps: 

  1. SEO uses automated robot kind of spiders for collecting information about your website, content and other factors. This includes several factors like internal links, content, page speed etc. 
  2. The websites which are optimised for these Google algorithms are ranked on top. 
  3. These bots or spiders being automated programs and not real humans can have some drawbacks. For instance, they can’t the exact content, can’t see pictures, or can’t be impressed by your audios and videos. 

Since it’s a little technical process it is advised that you visit a web strategist to optimize your website for search engine. 

Besides that, you can follow certain general tips to optimize your website for SEO. So let’s look at the factors that you need to improvise for featuring your website on top. These are: 

  1. Understand your audience and design your website accordingly. 
  2. Try to create an excellent web user experience.
  3. invest your time in matching with the trends. 
  4. AnalySE what content is available on your website and what is lacking in your respective field. For this, you can use behavior reports and Google search console traffic. 
  5. Invest in referrals. If you publish referrals and reviews for your site, it is more likely that you will build trust and Google will also see this. 
  6. Use relevant keywords. This is the most important strategy. For finding relevant keywords you can google different words and find out what people are searching for the most. 


What is SEO, and how it works , In This article looked at the meaning and working of SEO. Given the importance of SEO in this technological era, you must optimize your site for the same. Now you know how Google SEO works. Now it’s your turn to pick the right ways to optimize your site for the Google search engine.

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