Some Important SEO 2021 Trends You Need to Know

Some Important SEO 2021 Trends You Need to Know

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been undergoing rapid change over the years. The old methods are becoming outdated, and new trends are coming in. if you wish to smoothly update website rankings, produce relevant search results, and create brand awareness, then you need to know the latest SEO trends and how each of them works. Here are some of the important SEO trends ruling the current scenario of 2021:

  1. Video SEO : Facts prove that videos are gaining more views than any other feature online. YouTube has officially announced a new upsurge of video watching this year, but it has also led to more traffic on these platforms. The solution here is optimizing your video content. Like normal search engines, keywords are the key in video optimization. If you have a concrete and superb video idea, just search about it online, and you will get the most searched keywords related to it. Use them in your videos to get maximum audience response.
  2. Voice Searching : Try to optimize your content with longer and natural-sounding keywords. The keywords that people use while typing is totally different from those that they use during voice search. Also, try to keep common FAQs and voice answers to each one of them on your site. Google often presents voice suggestions to these FAQs, and it may well pull out yours too! You can also keep certain crisp contents ready for use, like answers to common questions, search-related queries, and so much more. They can be easily used for voice suggestions as and when necessary.
  3. Mobile-First Index : Google has now started to consider the mobile version of your site to be the actual site and not the one on your desktop. This means that Google must be able to index all your content on your site through your mobile device. So, your site must work smoothly on your mobile and render services when required. You can take the mobile-friendly test for URLs on your website, which will ensure whether Google can retract all of your website content. Check your mobile speed and make necessary changes to keep going. You need to remember that just because you can view your entire website on your mobile does not mean Google also can. You must make sure that Google can effortlessly index your content and use them as suggestions as and when necessary.
  4. Search Intent : People nowadays do not spend a lot of time processing things on the Internet. They are just narrowing their ideas and searching their ‘intent’ directly online. Thus, if your page succeeds to match the search intent of potential users, you automatically have much more views. Four main types of search intent are there- informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional. Your page should be uniquely optimized with each of these search intents separately, with the content matching the proper search intent. In simple words, you just have a mixed bag of various search intents, and you just need to arrange them in a proper way and add content to each one of them. This will ensure an increase in the popularity of your site.

Thus, SEO trends always keep changing, and the above-mentioned ones prove to be the best for this year. So, don’t just keep on reading these tips. Apply them to your sites for marvellous results. It can help you grow your website popularity to the next level. Many people know the basic rules of SEO but fail to implement the current trends with them. This results in low productivity and unsatisfactory results. If you want your website to be recognized by Google quite often, then you need to implement these tricks on your links and contents to make your dream come true.


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