Push your Marketing Strategy with Backlinks

Push your Marketing Strategy with Backlinks

According to SEO experts, link-building is a highly beneficial method to incorporate into your marketing plan. However, building high-quality backlinks will be difficult if you don’t know which backlinking tactics work. Fortunately, you can combine multiple different tactics to increase brand awareness and gain backlinks. 

Push your Marketing Strategy with Backlinks

Please continue reading to discover the best backlinking tactics for 2021 and how to implement them.

Why is a Backlink Strategy Crucial in 2021? 

Many backlinks indicate to Google that you are an authority for many people. Compared to results in positions two through ten, the maximum impact on Google typically has 380% more backlinks. You can benefit from the trust of these high-authority websites by building high-quality backlinks or links from other websites with high domain authority scores. Additionally, this raises your rank.

In other words, top-ranked websites receive more organic traffic. You need a solid backlinking strategy for your search engine optimization (SEO) plan if you want to rank first and increase traffic.

4 Backlinking strategies to increase Traffic

  1. Make shareable content.

The best method for gaining backlinks is through the creation of content. The issue is that 90% of websites receive zero visitors. Nobody is creating backlinks to your content if it gets no visitors.

Because of this, 75% of marketers claim to produce content mainly intended to create backlinks.

  1. Build broken links

A little sly backlink technique undercuts your competitors by stepping into their out-of-date shoes.

Although it’s a dated backlink strategy, 53% of marketers still employ it. 

You intend to identify broken connections in your industry and produce alternative materials to fill them.

You can view all the websites that link to the broken resource using the backlink checker. After that, you would produce an article to replace the original link’s content and submit it to all the backlinking websites as an alternative.

  1. Take note of any brand mentions.

You can track down any unlinked brand references for your company or items on the internet and attempt to get a backlink from them.

Nearly half of all marketers use this tactic to pursue brand mentions for backlinks.

Try Google Alerts if you’re looking for a free tool to achieve this. This will keep track of new content posted daily and notify you of any that references specific key phrases, such as your company name or items.

  1. contact with influential people

You may increase backlinks and market to a new audience by using influencers. Also, influencers can act as social proof by promoting your products to their followers.

For this reason, influencer outreach is a method that 40% of marketers use.

Do not believe that your backlinking plan needs celebrity-level influencers to be successful. Influencers with smaller fan bases frequently experience the highest levels of engagement.

Get in touch with the appropriate people in your niche and ask for a backlink on your website or social media sites in exchange for complimentary products or a commission.


Now you know where to begin with your backlinking plan.

The top digital marketing company, YNG Media, might be able to offer you the push you need if you’ve tried generating the content, but it hasn’t been successful. If you’re having trouble, get in touch with YNG Media.

Hopefully, by this point, you have four new approaches at your disposal to improve your backlinking efforts. You can contact YNG Media to skyrocket your brand effectively.

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