Online Digital Marketing Strategy for eCommerce Business


Though we are living in the digital age, e-commerce websites have to face a lot of competition, and this competition is fierce as millions of shopping options keep on erupting daily. Online shopping is not like strolling in the mall, people, can check the prices at the drop of a hat and look for a website that sells the same thing at a cheaper rate. Since the digital landscape is growing day by day, here is a list of marketing strategies that can help you in staying in the business

  1. start by boosting the visualization of the products

With the internet being so transparent, the consumers can get excess to almost all kind of information instantly. Because of this, they have become a lot more visual, so using product visualization will not only allow you to show your products to your consumers without making them have to read about the product. You can use a 360-degree view, zoom, and spin your product image. This way your sales can increase by 25 to 30 percent

2.Working on adding videos

Through not all images need videos, but if you can show off the products show the picture in action, according to sources 81 percent if the consumers say videos give them the much-needed confidence for making the purchase. If you can show how perfect your product is, people will understand the requirement and why do they need it.

3) Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is known for making a meaningful impact on the sales of your e-commerce. AI is known for collecting the information and then using the information for predicting customer behaviors. The algorithm also works on predicting what products will sell and which visitor will choose which product. This way, you will be able to understand the inventory and give proper customer experience to your consumer.


Product filtering should be cutting edge.

The more the products you offer, the more filtration you need, people don’t have time for searching the products and searching the inventory when there are hundreds and thousand for products just don’t make sense, which is why you need to provide filtration so that they can buy the product effectively. Around 42 to 50 percent of the websites don’t use advanced filtering, and you can use it and gather a lot of consumers.


5) use Chatbots

Though chatbots are AI, chatbots need a strategy of their own.chatbots are the first point of contact, and if your chatbots are available 24*7 chatbots can make your break the customer experience. The chatbots will be able to resolve the issue of your consumers instantly. These bots will ease their customer experience in a humanly experience and influence the purchases of the customers.



6) offer Flexible Delivery

Cart abandonment is a major issue that websites face, and this happens because of delivery options. As per consumer surveys, a lot of consumers abandon the carts abandoned their carts because the delivery options just don’t suit their needs. People need to pay immediately and want the products to need to arrive quickly. The consumers, at the time, want their orders to be delivered late and want to pay less for that. Thus flexible delivery is a much-needed option.

7) cart abandonment due to complex checkout

As mentioned above, cart abandonment is a serious issue and around 70% of the time this happens because of the complex shipping procedure, at times websites make it mandatory for the customers to make an account. So make sure that the checkout complex needs to be simple and should be easy enough for them to buy the products without any hassles.


8) have Wish Lists

Wishlists are a gold mine of information. If you offer wishlists on your website, you will be able to understand the needs of your customers. Also, you can leverage them by sending personalized emails so that they can encourage them to buy products from your websites. Emails can inculcate, sales notice, low inventory clearance, similar products etc.

9)  try having User-Generated Content (UGC)

A happy customer will always provide positive feedback, and they are the best way of having more customers. User-generated content will allow new customers to buy products based on the reviews of old customers. Everyone trusts fellow consumers than anyone else.

10) the websites should be mobile-friendly

Shopping on the go is the new thing, having websites that work on the mobiles without causing any trouble is the new thing. Make sure that your website is user friendly.




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