Increase Conversion Rate of Your Website With These 6 Tips

Increase Conversion Rate


In this digital arena, no one can ignore the benefits of a website. A website is the first step towards making your enterprise/business visible on the internet. But not getting desired results in the form of increased sales is saddening. Therefore increasing the conversion rate is a must for every website. 

What is ‘Conversion Rate’? 

It is the percentage of website users who took the desired action (like buying the product, submitting a form, taking a subscription, etc.). In this way, it shows who actually engaged with your website. It not only shows the performance of your advertising campaigns but also the productivity of your marketing.  In this way, by tracking the conversion rate you can alter your ad campaigns if the need arises. 

After knowing the importance of the conversion rate, the next step is to increase it. So here is a list of six steps you can use, that will help in enhancing the conversion rate of your website: 

6 steps to enhance conversion rate: 

  • Optimizing the website page: Good traffic on your website is important but it is a waste until it is not getting converted into sales. Therefore, it’s important to optimize the website to make your offerings very visible and clear. This can be done in the following ways:
  • Impactful heading: It’s always said that the first impression is the last impression and what could have more impact on visitors than a powerful heading. It should be designed to create an inducement to buy. According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people are influenced by headlines only.

  • Organizing into headings and subheadings: A presentable look induces the visitor to read benefits, features and other stuff that has the potential to increase your sales. Therefore organizing is very important. 
  • Researching on the target audience: Doing some research on the behavior of the target audience can help you to know the common taste. Experimenting with different offers until you find the most sold offer is therefore, a good option. Google Analytics is a wonderful option to see who is visiting your page, what he is looking at etc. This analysis can be further used to improve your page and increase conversion rate.
  • Remove unnecessary details and distractions: It is very important to make initial steps easy so that the visitors don’t get frustrated. They tend to avoid those websites where they have to fill a long-form with unnecessary details. Therefore asking a simple email id and sending necessary details on that id can work. Even third-party sign-ups can be used. Removing certain elements that people don’t click at all, can make your website simpler. ‘Crazy eggs’ is a good website to know those features that are unnecessarily taking up space and can be removed.
  • Reviews and testimonials : Adding reviews create a sort of reliability of the product. This increases the chances of purchase by the visitor. Recommendations and good reviews positively impact the conversion rate.

  • Adding pop-ups : offering similar products when one makes a purchase is also a good option. It might not increase the conversion rate but it will enhance your revenues which is the ultimate goal of increasing conversion rate.
  • Visuals and live chatbox : Visuals make the website and the offered product presentable. In this way adding visuals can help in attracting clients. A live chat box is another good option. In case a prospective buyer has certain doubts, he can clear them through chat. This creates a possibility of purchase because now he is clear about the product. Additionally, it would help you to know what you are lagging in that is stopping clients from purchasing. Automated consultations through and can also be used to save time. 


Conversion rate is a good indicator of the success or failure of your website marketing. Therefore increasing it, becomes crucial. In this article, we saw a list of ideas to increase the conversion rate. From optimizing your website page to monitoring consumer behavior, every step will help you out in enhancing the conversion rate. I would sum up that: 

“These six steps deserve a try
These will surely make your conversion rate high.”

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