How does Quora marketing generate Leads and Engagement

How does Quora marketing generate Leads and Engagement


Leads refer to those who are interested in the product or service that you are selling. Getting maximum leads is the ultimate goal of every business. But it is not easy to get leads. But Quora can help you in generating leads and engagement. Quora is a platform for asking questions, connecting with people, and gaining knowledge. Every day a lot of questions are asked, and a lot are answered. With this essential work of allowing interactions and answering questions, Quora has managed to get over 300 million users. Following are some of the ways through which it can help you enrich engagements of your business and generate leads

  • A plethora of users looking for services: With over 300 million users, it can provide you with many leads. Since discussions on different topics are always going on, these discussions might be about brand-related queries. So if you join Quora and get a query on a service or product that you are offering, you can provide your product, highlight its features, and enhance the number of leads. 
  • Building a brand image: Quora can help you in creating a brand image. By answering the queries and addressing the concerns regarding your service/product, you can create a good image of your brand. A good brand image can give you good leads in a short span. 
  • High visibility in Search engines: Quora questions and answers feature in the top results. This creates high chances of visibility of your brand if a related question is asked. 
  • Provides an opportunity to do customer research: Since many queries are asked on Quora, it can help you figure out the expected consumer behaviors, and you can improve your product accordingly. Also since these people might be looking for answers to such challenges that your product can solve. In this way, you can interact with them, and they can become your leads. 

After becoming aware of the benefits of Quora, the next step is to use Quora in a way that could give you maximum leads and engagements. Certain steps that you can follow to boost your brand image are enlisted below:

  1. Augment your quora profile: Optimizing your quora profile from the very beginning can do wonders. You can add your important achievements that will make your answers reliable and create trust in potential buyers’ minds.
  2. Choose your interests accordingly: As soon as you log in to Quora, it asks you to choose different topics that you would like to see. You can choose those topics that are related to your business. In this way, you will get notified when any question or new update related to that section is uploaded. Firstly it will prevent time wastage, and secondly, you can also get opinions of different people that can help you to improve your product. By answering queries, you can boost your engagement and can also turn some of the users into leads.
  3. Network of like-minded people: At Quora, you can also ask questions and tag experts. This way, you can build your network and attract more users that could be potential buyers.
  4. Adding Useful links and informative stuff to your answers: it’s important to make your answers informative so as to create reliability. For this, you can add links to your own website and articles. This will generate leads and boost the conversion rate of your website. But do not add unnecessary stuff as this can negatively impact your answer viewers.
  5. Use Quora Analytics to track performance: Applying these steps is very important, but if your results are not properly analyzed, you can’t achieve what you desired. Therefore analyzing is important. Quora provides you with excellent analytics through which you can view your comments, upvotes, number of views, number of shares, and much more. In this way, you can figure out the success of your strategies and modify them if they don’t give you desired results.
  6. Advertising on Quora: besides free information, Quora also helps enterprises target specific topics and audiences to generate leads. Advertising on Quora is not very complicated. Also, it is much more affordable than other advertising platforms like Linkedin and Facebook.  The reviews also highlight that Quora ads’ leads are much more than other sites due to its highly engaged audience. 

Steps: You have to first create an account on 

Then you have to click on create a campaign on the ads manager page. 

After this, you will create an ad set, i.e., the audience you are targeting and how much you will bid for it. It could be in the form of topic targeting or audience targeting. Finally, you click on create a new ad and add the suitable payment method for cost per click.


Quora is an amazing site and this is the process of how does Quora marketing generates Leads and Engagement to With over 300 million users in Quora, it gives you an opportunity to interact with those people who can become leads. Besides that, it also helps you in many other ways, like connecting with experts, researching your product, and much more. But to get good output, it’s equally important to use it in the best possible way. Optimizing your profile, giving quality answers, choosing only relevant topics, etc., are some of the steps that you should use. If your skills and Quora’s remarkable services are combined, then no one can stop you from generating a large number of leads. 

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