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Email Marketing Best Practices | YNG Media

Email marketing is one of the most effective and productive forms of digital marketing in terms of the return on investment it generates. With minimal cost, it enables businesses to reach out to thousands of customers with detailed product offers, new product launches, and upcoming sales among others. Many times, businesses believe that email marketing is a fading trend and should not be given much importance. However, that is far from reality, or at least one part of it is.

Email marketing may not be generating the same kind of results that it generated back in the day because of increased competition, spam email, junk email, and other sorts of marketing that get in the way of the consumer and the email sent by the business. However, what’s important to note is that despite that, it is one of the most fruitful and sales-generating forms of marketing, especially if done right.

Today, let us take you through 3 best practices of email marketing that you should follow to get your email marketing A-game on-

  1. Go deep and personal : Users like it when any product, service, or activity is customized for them, even if it is meant to start the email with the name of the customer. Since a potential customer might be spending a few seconds of their life reading your email and moreover, might even proceed to make a purchase, it is important to make them feel special in the process. By customizing the email based on the user, you can attract their attention for a better span of time and end up making more sales than without personalization.
  2. Concise is your keyword : We cannot emphasize enough! Lengthy marketing emails are for sore eyes since no one, let us repeat- NO ONE, likes to read long and unending emails. By keeping your emails well-drafted, comprehensive but also crisp and clear, you can engage a user for a long time which might encourage them to make a purchase. When we say ‘concise’ emails, sometimes it is misconceived to be ‘incomplete’ or ‘partial’ emails, however, concise only means to say the same amount of information in the least possible words and without beating around the bush. Thus, do not keep your emails incomplete or deficient in important information but do not overload them with long stories and essays about the same.
  3. Make use of the statistics : Most email marketing services that you use would provide you a set of statistics such as the number of people who received your email in their inbox, the number who read it, and the number who clicked on the call to action (CTA) which leads to your landing page. Do not let these go to waste! With the help of these statistics, you can work on different templates for your newsletters and write them in different manners to see what works and what doesn’t. Marketing is all about reaching your end customer with the right message so there is no one “correct” manner in which to draft your emails since you will need to find that out through trial and error, along with these statistics.

Email marketing may not be at its peak but as a small business, this is your opportunity to converse with your end consumer in the most detailed manner, by making them a part of your journey and making them feel like a family. At YNG Media, a digital marketing agency in Delhi, we provide you with the most appropriate tools to get your digital marketing game to the top of the ranking. With our team of experts, you will surely be achieving the maximum out of your email marketing strategy.

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