Digital Marketing Trends 2019

2019 has been to a good start and brands are getting geared up for the valentines day euphoria. The Young population always gets excited for the month of February where Cupid strikes for a week of festivities. Digital Marketing sees some great movement in campaigns and spending from the brands. The top places where brand spend the money have been shifting year on year as the shelf life of new age digital products have been showing sudden peaks and lows.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 are

1. AI – is taking over fast.
2. Chatbots are being used to qualify the users.
3. Personalization of ads is gaining prominence.
4. Video Marketing is growing faster than ever.
5. Influencer word is being taken more seriously.
6. Voice search and smart speakers

There are a lot more changes that you would see in Digital Marketing Landscape of 2019.

The trends are emerging fast and going away faster. We see the landscape changing faster than ever.

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