Benefits of email marketing for small business

Benefits of email marketing for small business

As a small business owner, you know the importance of reaching the right target audience without spending too many resources on wasteful expenditures. When money is on the low and return on investment needs to be maximized, one of the most effective strategies with good returns would be email marketing.

Email marketing is a boon, particularly for small businesses. If you’re planning to go for email marketing for your brand, you need to the opportunities that open up for you thereafter.

There is no doubt about the fact that email marketing provides the highest ROI. For every $1 spent, your returns could be as high as $36. that being said, good returns are not the only reason for you to be opting for this marketing strategy. Email marketing gives you the ability to market your brand with a mere click. You can have thousands of people check out your brand by reaching out to one of the most used spaces on their phones- their inbox.

Email marketing: What’s in it for you According to a study conducted by McKinsey, for the purpose of acquiring new customers, marketing via email has proved to be 40 times more effective than Facebook, and Twitter combined. In another study published by MarketingSherpa, 91 percent of US adults preferred receiving promotional emails from companies they do business with. Let’s dive deep to understand why these numbers look like that.

  1. Create personalized content: email marketing allows you to divide your customer base into different groups. Thereafter, you can send them targeted emails. These divisions can be based on age groups, genders, preferences etc. This segmentation helps you track which email funnel is working for your brand and which isn’t. We live in a digital age where providing value in content to the customer takes precedence over speaking ‘salesy’ jargon since people have already had enough of the former. Using best email marketing practices, you can ensure that you provide the correct information to the right audience
  2. Boost brand recognition: marketing your brand through emails can increase your brand’s exposure so far. Being consistent with emails that provide value, you can establish authority and solidify your presence. Your recognition can reach up to a point where people expect your emails. At the end of the day, people care about how they can benefit from your brand and not the other way around.
  3. Build meaningful customer relationships: You need to constantly ask yourself if your content is providing enough value to your customers. Merely showing what’s on the table for them will not do. You can also launch surveys and questionnaires to receive productive feedback for your brand. Surveys are a great way to interact with your clientele. Not only do they help you make constant improvements, but they also convey to them that you care about their expectations instead of just throwing words at them.
  4. Increase website traction: the aim of any marketing campaign is to make the reader visit your website and check out your products. Email marketing is a great way to bring more visitors to your website. You can also get customers to visit your website to find more value-adding content. For instance, if you run a fashion brand and provide fashion-related content via email, you can encourage them to visit your website to learn more about the upcoming trends and how your brand stands out from other competitors.
  5. Increase sales: if you think that social media marketing is the only tool to convert sales, then you need to look closer. According to the latest trend, around 60 percent of people have decided to purchase a product because of the emails they received. Compared to email marketing, just 12.5 percent of people claim to click on the buy button on a social media marketing campaign. Email marketing comes out as the clear winner in this case. Both are equally important. However, the authority that email marketing equips you with is unmatched.

How to use email marketing for your small business:
Email is not just another way of putting your product out there. It is a two-way dialogue between you, the business owner and your customers. Regular customer interaction will communicate to them that you care about providing value and accepting feedback. And in order to grow, meaningful customer interactions are pivotal. You have just understood how imperative email marketing is for your brand; it can help you establish authority, reach the right set of audiences, improve your performance with feedback and grow your business with minimal investment. To top it all, the returns are much better than so many other marketing mediums. If you’re a small business and cutting down expenses is your priority, then consider the email marketing services provided by YNG Media. From producing high-quality content to keeping track of the performance of all email funnels, you get the opportunity to attract the right clientele and maximize your ROI by partnering with YNG Media.

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