6 Tips for Lead Nurturing Strategy

6 Tips for Lead Nurturing Strategy | YNG Media

Lead nurturing is one of the most essential elements of a successful strategy and why not? It is what determines your business’s growth in terms of sales. It is quite common to confuse the two terms- Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing, and while they are not too far from each other, there is a difference that is important to identify.

Lead generation is simply finding customers through events, online newsletter subscriptions or other “opt-in” techniques where a customer will voluntarily provide you their email address or contact information. However, lead nurturing is its successor, which means that once a lead has been generated it needs to be nurtured through a variety of methods to ensure that the lead becomes a paying customer and does not fade away.

Several leads or customers in their awareness stage (when they become aware of your brand or product) may show interest in your business, however, they may not enter the decision stage, which is where they decide whether to purchase your products or not. To facilitate that movement from the awareness stage to the decision stage, it is important to focus on lead nurturing.

Today, let’s learn 6 ways through which we nurture the leads that we generate-

  1. Email Marketing : It is widely agreed upon by digital marketers that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to nurture leads and convert them into paying customers since it is cost-effective, effort minimalistic and comprehensive. An email campaign can be created and automated which reduces effort considerably while it allows for elaborate information to be sent across to the lead that would encourage them to transform into a paying customer.
  2. Retargeting Campaigns : Retargeting involves showing your ad to people who have visited your website or social media platforms and clicked away. In simple terms, it is a way to bring back lost leads. Retargeting, as can be implied, becomes an effective way to convert leads into paying customers since the fact that a person visited your website implies a higher chance that they are genuinely interested in your products and with a slight push, they might end up purchasing them.
  3. Personalize Your Customer Interaction : Templates and generic information may not be the best strategy once a lead has been generated since every individual would like their wants to be addressed, specifically. By personalizing the way in which you interact with that lead, you can nurture the lead into a paying customer. Personalization could involve adding the name of the customer in the email or emailing a certain set of customers by keeping nuances of their background in mind.
  4. In-Person Interactions : Well, you’d suggest that this is the same as personalization and we wouldn’t disagree. However, the reason why in-person interactions are termed as a separate tip is because of the unimaginable nurturing it can do. By interacting with your leads on a one-to-one basis, virtually or physically, you would increase the chances of them becoming a paying customer multifold. In-person interactions could be cultivated at Christmas pop-ups, Diwali bashes, Holi parties or even at by-invite-only events.
  5. Content Marketing : “Content is king” or let us use the non-sexist version of this phrase- “content is supreme”- haven’t we heard this phrase time and again? Well, unlike the thousand hoax marketing tips we hear from non-experts, this one is true! Yes, content is supreme and nothing beats that. By creating value-adding content and putting it out on the most effective platforms, you can nurture leads into becoming paying customers for your brand.
  6. Surveys : Surveys may not nurture leads directly but they allow for all the above 5 tips to push the right buttons. By conducting surveys, a business can determine the kind of audience it is creating content for, initiating personalized interactions with, organizing in-person interactions with or creating email marketing campaigns for. Surveys can be conducted through virtual survey tools, social media surveys or even physical surveys at stores or events.Through these 6 tips, one can ensure that generated leads do not go down the drain and are instead nurtured into paying customers, or may be even returning customers! At YNG Media, a digital marketing agency in Delhi, we provide you the tools and expertise needed to create strategies that would help you acquire leads but also nurture them effectively, to create a valuable customer base.

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