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Top 10 Video Marketing Strategies | YNG Media


Videos have become a new mode to promote your business. But it’s equally important to market these promotional videos. If videos are appropriately marketed, this will increase the chances of growth of your business. So here are the best top 10 video marketing strategies that will surely give results: 

  1. Identify the particulars of your strategy: It is very important to have a clear strategy. First of all, you should set your goal and understand the audience you are trying to reach. Once you have identified this, define the type of your video (whether it is explaining something, it’s a podcast or live video or interview or a video ad). This might seem a fundamental step, but it is the essential thing that we forget to do.
  2. Focus more on the story than sale in the video: When you directly sell the product, some people may get irritated. But if it is in the form of the story, more people will draw towards the video, and it will also create a long-lasting impact. Surf excel ads where they justify that stains are good if they bring happiness are coming out as good marketing videos. People feel connected with the story, and ultimately the brand name gets stored in the minds of viewers.
  3. The first 10 seconds are crucial: A viewer decides to watch or skip the video in the first ten seconds. It is therefore important to design the first ten seconds to create a long-lasting impact on the viewer. You should try to induce curiosity in the viewer’s mind in the initial seconds. It will prompt him/her to watch the whole video.
  4. Use humor or appeal to viewers’ emotions: if your video is boring, no one would like to see it. Therefore it is very important to appeal to the consumer’s needs and desires. Adding humor in the video, if possible, will make your video more delightful to watch. In this busy and tiresome life, everyone likes humor. So if your video is providing the same, it can reach the masses.
  5. Caption writing: You can add a caption to your video or ask ‘what your views are about this. It will help you monitor what people feel, and you can design your next video accordingly. It will also highlight your brand
  6. Using Social Media sites: While Youtube remains the most preferred site for videos, other social media sites with a huge number of users can give maximum benefits. Making sure that the video length is appropriate is important. Suggested lengths for videos on different sites:>Instagram: 30 sec
    >Twitter: 45 sec
    >Facebook: 1 min
    >Youtube: 2 min.

    Short videos help reach a large audience because most people don’t like giving long-time attention to a particular video. A video that is short and to the point always brings more attention. 
  7. Measure the success of your video marketing: Even if you have tried to apply all that is necessary for promoting videos, the process will remain incomplete if you don’t monitor your success. This is possible through the analytics reporting system of each social media. 

    >Facebook analytics: It tells you how your video is doing. It provides useful information like audience retention, the duration for which they have seen, and most importantly, the number of people to which video has reached.>Instagram Insight: It also tells a lot about your video. It allows users to see individual post impressions, follower information, demographics, etc.

  8. Optimizing your video For SEO: It is already known that SEO is very important for any marketing strategy because it brings your website on top. Here is a list of some tactics you can use for this:> Host video to your domain: Since the ultimate goal of marketing your videos is to promote your sales, it is important to host the video on your domain first and then share it on social media sites. It will ensure that your page appears on top rather than that social media site. Creating a new page for each video is even better because it makes indexing better.> Relevant details: Your video should provide the title, description, thumbnail, and other relevant details. This will again help search engines to index it. Make sure that the video title is to the point.>Keywords: keywords are always important for Search Engine optimization. Try to experiment with keywords, and you will find a precise and descriptive keyword that will help in top ranking.
  9. Add a video transcript: video transcript that is the written version of your video can be very useful. It not only provides keywords but also enhances the clarity of the audio of the video. Additionally, it will give a brief overview of the video to the viewer.
  10. Focus on thumbnail: The last but the most important strategy to market your video is to optimize the video. Since it is the first thing that the user sees and impacts their decision to watch the video or not, a clear and relevant thumbnail is a must.


Video marketing is a very important tool in promoting your business. Therefore it is very important to have a good strategy to promote these videos. In this article, we provided you with a list of the top ten video marketing strategies that will widen your video outreach and will help your business grow. When you make a video, don’t forget to use these tips for better results. 

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