How to bring variety to your content with different blog post ideas?

How to bring variety to your content with different blog post ideas?
  1. Do you own a blog for your online business?
  2. Are you finding it difficult to get blog post ideas that draw the attention of your readers and engage them for longer?

Posting simple blogs is not enough to drive readers; rather, you need a variety of blog post ideas that bring variety to your content and appeal the readers. Here are five types of blog post ideas that you can focus on to improve the quality of your content.

Offer lists

According to a research, list-based posts are shared more often on social media than other content types. People love to read and share lists and it is your duty to provide content that your audience likes to explore.

Further, lists make it easier for the readers to remember the points given in the listicles and help you get more engagement on your blog. To write a list based article, you just need to pick a title with the number of items and start it with a small introduction. While writing list articles, make sure you don’t just include the points but also give proper information on each point.

Review a product

If you are running a blog as an influencer and want to grow your reach, reviewing products from your industry is a great option to add variation to your blog. Review blogs are in great demand nowadays as most of the people rely on blogs to buy any product.

Though most of the companies have customer reviews on their websites, these are too short and crisp that making a buying decision based on these reviews is not possible. People look for detailed reviews by experts. Companies are now approaching bloggers to get reviews written for their products as readers trust their opinion and making buying decision only after reading reviews by experts of their choice.

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Explore a single topic

If your objective is to get more returning users on your blog, you can deep dive into a single topic by breaking it into a series of blogs. Further, Google also gives more attention to longer blog posts than shortened attention spans. However, you need to do a lot of research for long and detailed articles; the time spent on this will definitely pay you in terms of increased engagement, visitors and blog authority. While writing long articles make sure these are well-written, insightful and easily understandable.

If you don’t want your readers to wait for next post, you can divide a long article into short sections through visual breaks.

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Make infographic more insightful through data

We all know that images speak louder than words and leave a lasting impression on the minds of viewers. So you can swap long blog posts with informative and appealing infographics. Make this simple visual treats more informative and engaging by presenting data in them.

Great infographics help your posts get noticed and shared on social media. Hire an experienced designer and writer who know how to design an amazing infographic that is easy to follow, light on text and heavy on content.

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Offer tutorials in blog posts

Gone are the days when people used to find an expert to learn some new skills or product usage.  Now everything is available online and we can learn how to do anything just in a few minutes through video tutorials.

If you offer some technical products that need special skills to use them, including tutorials in your blog posts is a great idea to add variation to your content. For instance, a food blogger can update a video on making a sweet dish with any special ingredient. How-to posts every now and then help your readers enhance their knowledge and learn new skills.


Adding variation to your blog posts help you make your blog look interesting. It also provides a nice change to the readers who might get bored of reading the same lengthy and text filled posts, which they might not even read till the end. Just stay true to your voice and make your blog posts as informative as you can to offer value to your customers, readers and visitors.

Also Make Sure That Your Blog Post Should be SEO Optimized

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