6 Compelling Ways to Optimize your Blog Posts for SEO

6 Compelling Ways to Optimize your Blog Posts for SEO

Blogging holds a lot of importance in business. If you already have a blog, you would probably understand its importance. One of the major challenges that user come across is the optimization of the blog posts to make it more user-friendly. Generally, bloggers fail to take the advantage of the marketing potential of the blog. Recent studies reflect a majority of blogger do not update their blogs at regular intervals. If you conduct basic blog optimization and provide fresh and relevant content on the blog, it gives a platform to the readers to connect with your brand. You can optimize your blog to make it SEO friendly and getting it noticed among a large number of people.

Perform a Good Research

Keyword research is one of the most important steps of search engine optimization. Include keywords in your content to provide a valuable content to the audience. There are a large number of tools and techniques available which help you to find the related keywords. They must be relevant to your blog posts. Some of the tools which you can use are Google Adwords Keyword Tool and sem rush to search for related keywords. These tools also provide a platform to keep a check on the keywords used by your competitors to bring in more traffic on their websites.

Optimize the Images

Image optimization is also necessary to make your blog SEO friendly. Include the keywords in the file name while uploading the photo to your blog. It is better to fill the alternate text field with a brief description and brief about the keyword used for the image optimization.

Proper Keyword Utilization

You know about the relevant keywords and now the next step is to insert those words at the appropriate place within the blog. Place these keywords where they will pose the maximum impact for people and search engine crawlers visiting your blog. The keywords can be included in the title, headings, subheadings, introduction, ending paragraph, and Meta descriptions. Avoid stuffing of keywords as it makes the content unreadable. It also irritates the blog readers due to unnecessary keywords used.

Subscription to your Blog

Give the readers an opportunity to subscribe to your blog by inserting RSS and feed subscription buttons. The viewers get a platform to subscribe to your blog via emails. After the subscriptions, the followers will receive instant notification of your latest blog posting. They do not always have to check your site at regular intervals for new content and updates.

Attach Reference Links

If you are referring any other blogger or content in your blog post, include a link that will direct to the information you are referring to. It is considered as a good blogging etiquettes. You may also get a link back on your blog. Quality links improve the ranking of your website in search engine results page. So add links in your blog content for to receive number of backlinks.

Use of Social Media

Social media provides the best platform to connect with potential customers. You may be utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other relevant platforms to stay connected with your users across the globe. You can even promote your blog on these social media platforms for better web exposure. There are many free programs available which help in posting links to your blog on the various social media websites. There is an option of scheduling your posts as well.

These are some of the common SEO tips which you can follow for blog optimization. This encourages better rankings in search engine results pages, upgrade web traffic and higher conversion rates of the customers.

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