5 Interesting Ways to Keep a Watch on the Competitors

5 Interesting Ways to Keep a Watch on the Competitors

You keep an eye on competitor’s activities and they watch you for your strategies; this is a common practice in the business. In every industry, businesses watch competitors find out what they are doing and how it is helping them. But in the digital world, the situation is a bit different.

Varied IP addresses, multiple websites and different marketing platforms, make it really hard to watch the competitors. Here are some easy ways to watch the competitors watching you.

  1. Keep an eye on the pages on your site they are looking at

If you have your competitors’ IP address, you can easily find out the pages they are visiting on your website. To get better results you can use a log file analyzer as it will help you find out the pages they are visiting and when.

  1. Find out the technology they are using

Analysis of the log files also helps you find out the technology used by the competitors. It includes information about their operating system, browser, and screen resolution. In this advanced world, there are plug-ins using which you can track and report the competitors and their technology in Google Analytics.

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  1. Check when they programmatically verify your prices

There are numerous tools with the help of which competitors can automatically check your prices. To see if they are checking your prices programmatically, you need to dig into the logs. To prevent this and mess with them, you need to detect their IP and give them wrong pricing information.

  1. Check them browsing your site

One of the most useful tools in ecommerce professional’s toolbox is session recording. You will get different filtering options and one of them is IP address. By getting access to their IP address, you can record when they use your site and find out their focus area.

  1. Screen their calls

There are high chances that by getting your information like price and products, the competitors call your customer support team to know more about your policies, discounts, and other schemes. Though screening competitor calls can be a bit difficult, but by having right settings you can do it.

For this, you need a skilled technical team that can write a specific script to detect the competitors’ IP address and then show them a phone number that has been created just for them. When your phone system gets a call on that number, it will show some specific text to help you know that the call is from a competitor. Further, it is completely up to you, how you tackle them.

Sometimes competitors deliberately click on your AdWords to spoil your budget. Both Google and Bing allow the advertisers to block ads by IP address. If you know that certain IP is of your competitor, you can stop them from clicking on your ads by blocking their IP.

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