5 Impressive List Building Strategies You Can Use in 2017

5 Impressive List Building Strategies You Can Use in 2017

In online marketing, you need a list of your existing and prospective customers for various reasons and the major among them is email marketing. This is the single most powerful marketing strategy to get a higher number of conversions with minimum efforts. This digital marketing process gets more powerful and effective during the holiday season.

But if not done properly, it can cause more losses than benefits. By saying this, I mean successful email marketing is easier said than done. One of the biggest challenges faced by the marketers is gaining subscribers and making a list of people for email campaigns. To help you, here are 5 effective list building techniques you can employ in 2017.

Incentive for the subscribers

You can encourage readers to subscribe to your emails by offering them some benefits in the form of a coupon, discount or gift vouchers. While offering incentives just make sure that:

  • Your incentive is relevant to your site and the audience
  • You make it clear to the subscribers that they will get regular emails
  • You deliver the incentives immediately after people sign up for the newsletter.

Run a giveaway for list building

Running a viral giveaway is also a great idea to make people subscribe to your newsletter. You can offer any software, your product samples or anything else that relates to your business. A carefully planned giveaway can help you get thousands of subscriptions. To ensure the success of your giveaway campaign, ensure that:

  • You offer relevant incentive to the audience.
  • You clearly communicate the conditions and requirement to join newsletter to get giveaway.
  • You give people bonus to share your campaign.

Content upgrade

With content upgrade you need to be patient as it might take some time to show you results. Experts assume that content upgrade will be more effective in the next year because:

  • It helps users get relevant offers
  • It helps marketer segment people to boost their conversion

Expanded guest posts

Run a contest

The expanded guest post is like content upgrade only as in this you just have to offer a content upgrade inside a guest post. Many influencers have got amazing benefits from expanded guest posts. To gain maximum benefits from this, just keep a few points in the mind.

Make guest posts more impressive and practical to impress readers and increase the number of subscribers

  • Make content upgrade a resource for the audience
  • Create desire by giving early hints in the guest blog about upgrade

Run a contest

Run a contest

Running a contest is a very powerful tool for list building as it can quickly boost the size of email list and can create a bond between you and subscribers. Conduct survey to find our major struggles of your audience and run a challenge around the same. Ask your audience to subscribe to the email list to participate and win the challenge.


As always, email marketing will be a powerful marketing tool in 2017 as well. So you should be ready with your weapons to fight the competition and record a massive increase in the size of subscriber’s list.

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