4 In-App Marketing Lessons To Stay Ahead Of Personalization Curve

4 In-App Marketing Lessons To Stay Ahead Of Personalization Curve

Marketing and promotion are inevitable in the online world. Whether you own a website or an app, you need to promote it to ensure that the target audience gets to know about it and uses it. Personalization is one of the strategies claimed by every business but effectively used by only a few. Just saying that I am using personalized marketing doesn’t serve the purpose. It is beyond personalized push notifications which businesses need to understand to generate revenue from their mobile apps.

Mobile apps are becoming a strong touch point because of the increased time spent by the customers on apps. So you must know effective and result oriented personalization techniques and their right application.

Here are 4 hard-learned in-app marketing personalization lessons to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Use knowledge effectively

If you think that personalization for in-app marketing is just creating app oriented messages, videos, banners or surveys and pushing them to all the users, you are missing out. Being an app owner you have an upper hand over competitors as you have more knowledge of your users, history of their actions, their demographics, and present activities in the app. Based on this knowledge, you can create personalized and contextual campaigns for customers and can send them the same when they are most engaged with you.

  • Guide the users

Guide the users

Yes, you read it right, you should lead the way. Though it is completely app users wish to choose their own path and decide what they want to do, sometimes you should also guide them when you want them to take specific action.

Leading the way doesn’t mean forcing them to behave as per your choice, but suggesting them to visit a certain page or to check new content you added in your app. Giving directions to grow your sales in the app is acceptable, but don’t force them.

  • Offer safe landing

Offer safe landing in mobile app marketing

Click Through Rate (CTR) is not everything in marketing. Undoubtedly, it matters a lot for the success of a campaign, but you also need to consider where the user lands to create safe landing. You can send different messages to various segments with personalized messages, but while doing this also consider the page where users land after clicking on the message.

Sometimes you click on the button and reach app’s homepage with no clue of next action and keep wandering around while thinking why the app brought you on this page when there is nothing related to the offer or the deal. While opting for push message for in-app marketing, be sure about the content and the page where you want the customer to land.

  • Stay ahead of the curve

Have you ever noticed the difference between the speed and agility on the website and the mobile app? The typical duration of mobile development cycle doesn’t align with the website or email marketing, which is a serious hurdle to the success of in-app marketing strategies. By getting serious towards the mobile app engagement, you can easily overcome this hurdle.

Increased usage of smartphones has given rise of app usage and the expectations of users. They now expect more personalization and non-intrusive experience. By using the given tips, you can improve app user experience and can grow your business.

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