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At YNG MEDIA, we have been dedicatedly serving our clients for the last 15 years across various domains including technology, marketing, recruitment, consulting, and business process outsourcing. Our clientele spans across the US, UK, Dubai, Singapore, and India. We boast a robust team of professionals who are committed to catering to all our client needs, ensuring a full spectrum of services.

At our core, YNG MEDIA specializes in delivering effective digital marketing services by blending the best of technology, creativity, and analytical expertise. Over the years, we have served more than 400 clients to their satisfaction. Our experience is vast, with a track record of success in numerous marketing campaigns. This extensive experience has enabled us to deliver outstanding results tailored to the specific needs of each campaign.

Based in Delhi, our agency is powered by a vibrant team of over 100 young and energetic digital marketing professionals. Unlike typical advertising agencies in Delhi, we view digital media marketing as both an art and a science. We offer tailored and customized solutions that are meticulously crafted to meet your ultimate goals and requirements. Our approach is to provide unique, non-generic products and services that stand out in the market.

YNG MEDIA sets itself apart with a self-motivated team that thrives on challenges and, admittedly, a significant amount of coffee to fuel their creativity and drive. We prefer to let our results speak for themselves, though the frequent appreciations and testimonials from our extensive clientele do give us a reason to feel proud. Some of our clients have even unofficially dubbed us the best digital marketing firm, a title we humbly accept without contest.

While we might not know exactly what you are looking for right away, we are confident in our ability to craft a superb plan for your business. With plenty of coffee on hand, we invite you to come over for a chat at our office. It’s an opportunity to explore how we can support your goals and ensure your marketing success.

Meet Our Team

Tim Mcardle
Head of UK operations
Ashish Bajaj
Head of India Operations
Jackie m
Head of Consulting
Sujeet Singh
Head of Technology
Rajni Kalsi
Head of Marketing
Janvi Jaiswal
Head of Recruitment.
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